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Ok so this is my own Combo Cookbook, now I will get you some combos (actually I just got only 1 combo now)

Fighter Combos

Luna (509 Combo)

Actually I just prepared a 1bar at starting, the result was 509 combo

You can stop it now! (400 combo) or

Okay, so you like combos. (250 combo)

Combo Team :

683 Combo

With the same team I got 683 combos =] and 5m score

Note : Marcstick Chain Finish allows Stick Brian to get in more(adding more combos), while Joshtick does the same, and he rigs his C4 to Sthang, to provide fast phoenix that is suggested at Combo Cookbook(And the most deadliest anti-everything for me) . Sthomas could keep your combo from dissapearing with his almost instaneous attacks, and his ultra attack also gives you a free 45 combo. Staddison's job here is to Provide Hardline for Sthomas so his 4HD Ultra Attack costs 2Ultra Bar only. Stick James's job is to reload your fighter's bar when there is almost no one could do a attack that could keep your combo.

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