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September 22, 2012

I'm kinda active now

Welcome back to life! Can I hug you now?


Still mad? -.o; Look, I'm just coming here every day to do stuff. I dunno what happened to make you leave, but I don't wanna know. So. Be happy! YOU GOT FRIKIN POKEMON WITH YOU. 

Oh right, your Mr. Deal with it :o

So how's life Austin?


Yo, what's up? I haven't seen you for awhile. ~Fan

Forgot to...

...Upload this old pic I did of your character, Austin. Anyways, here it is, I updated it with my signature and a few shading details.

Anywho, here it is ----> 

The Sword is bit off from the one you made, but i think its cool.

Hope you like it!

- Vincetick! :D

Oi Dude! I just Drew you! Hope ya like it! ( i use the exclamation mark too much )

Austin's Awesome Beatdown


Dude, Austin. Are you leaving us and this place for real? D:

- Vincetick! <:O

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