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September 17, 2012
  • I live in Club Penguin
  • My occupation is Being a Troll
  • I am A PENGIUN
Life is like jumping into a tornado; you never know where you're going to end up.
— Me
I'm outta here.

IHi. Lawl. You are entering the home of TRS, the fab pengiun. Half serious, half psycho.

NOTE: I will not be doing any big things on here anymore. To see my pages, go to the Fanon wiki. I will occasionally still be here.

Friend List

Do not be startled if I forgot to put your name on here. Please notify me and I may put you on. Best friends are in bold.

  • Vincetick
  • The Fan of Wiki
  • The GTA Nerd
  • CyberMccloud
  • Seth Reuben
  • Chakatan
  • Scottick
  • Stkhen
  • Ahsuntry
  • Skpcboy
  • JamesLOB
  • Mart456t
  • Megaman1234
  • ZGamer
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My Accomplishments!

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The Real Sthomas is buddy's with Ultralord159 (The founder of this wiki)
The Real Sthomas is buddy's with Mart456t

The Real Sthomas has made a thousand edits

The Real Sthomas has made TWO THOUSAND edits!

The Real Sthomas has made THREE THOUSAND edits!!

The Real Sthomas has now made a whopping FOUR THOUSAND EDITS!!!!

The Real Sthomas has half retired from editing.

WOOT! 5,000 EDITS!


6,000 and 7,000 edits. Getting close to 10,000!

My Top 5 Favorite Fighers.

1. you probaby guessed already, but in case you haven't, it is Sthomas.
Sthomas This user is a fan of Sthomas.

2. Staddison. Stun bomb is a good way to target enemies.
Staddison's Character Pose This user is a fan of Staddison.

3. Sthang. Power of the Pheonix!
StHang This user is a fan of Sthang.

4. Stick Waqas. That guy is a genius making missles out of paper!
Stick Waqas This user is a fan of Stick Waqas.

5. Stick Luke. Even though he is not powerful in the game I give him a thanks because I never knew tomahawks even existed until I first saw this guy.
Stick Luke's Character Pose This user is a fan of Stick Luke.

Vince's poll

This section will be added with even more information regarding this Specific User in this wiki. Credit to Vince for the original quiz.

What's your Real Name?

That's personal

How old are you?

See #1

When is your Birthday?

October 28

What year were you born?

See #1

What kind of attitude do you have?

I guess I kind of switch attitudes often. I am infamous because of that. But if I had to choose one, it would have to be short-tempered.

What kind of Person are you?

I honestly do not know.

How come people don't want you to get angry?

I have gotten so angry that I've tried to smash somebody with my bare hands without a second thought.

Are you a Gamer?

Gaming is my life.

Are you Smart?

I don't consider myself to be.

Are you in to Sports?


Are you the most Responsible Person you know?


What are you Addicted at/to?

Video games. Doesn't matter which one.

How many people and things are there that you Hate?

Can't list them all.

Do you have some Interests in certain aspects?

I guess.

Do you have a Bright Future ahead of you?

I actually do not predict a happy ending for me.

What would you do If you were in the Worst Situation that you could possibly think of?

The worst situation I could possible think of is being locked up a new world where I have nothing but when I find and I have to fight hordes after hordes of anythings all trying to kill me, and all the while, an adult much bigger and stronger than I am is chasing me and trying to kill me. The worst part of all would be not the fact that I have no way to ever escape but just keep fighting, dying, and respawning over and over and over, but the fact that God has left me.

I would pretty much cry until the end of time.

Why do you Love this place?

Probably that since I have so many memories here that I can never bring myself to quit.

What Program do you use to Animate and Draw?

Paper and pencil (derp).

Do You have a specific Person on your mind constantly?

Actually yes, but not on purpose.

What would you say if People thought of you differently?

Curl up in a ball and lock myself in a room.

Are you really an Approved AdvanceShipper?

I follow in Vince's footsteps, so yeah.

Even though you hate most of Everything... are there things that you Like?

Video games, and I actually have a soft spot for animals.

What Language do you speak with other people?

I only know English and a bit of Spanish.

Who do you Idolize?

Everybody else.

What and/or Who are your Inspirations?


Is their a Point in your Life that you Know?

I have tried time and time again to comprehend the meaning of life, but the only conclusion that I have found is that life is pointless.

If you were in a Movie, what would you say?


(Goes on a killing spree)

What would you say to them After?


Why would you say that?

I have always wanted to be a psycho killer in a horror movie.

What Ethnicity are you?

What does that mean?

Asian. So how's the weather up there?

Don't assume we're all Asian.

What would you say to Music Artists that have gone bad on this Generation?


Since you're a Gamer. Have you ever experienced anything Twitchy on Free Games?

Lag. Curse you, Club Penguin.

What is your Definition of Democracy?

This is my definition:

"You may have a fancy, shmancy education, but the other three of us say we jump in this volcano."

What would you say about Communism in both your and other Countries?

I don't know


I prefer not to get involved in politics.

Are there any Rules/Laws that you Follow accordingly?

Wiki rules.

Wait... what about Nihilism?


Do you approve Euthanasia?

Can somebody please get me a dictionary?

What do you feel about it?




(Walks in on a level 50 Moltres)

What about Communism in your own Country?

Politocs are just not my things, so I dunno.

What would you say about Love or Monogamy?

I'd say love is better because it'd be kind of hard to stick with monogamy

What word would you Describe someone?


Final Question: Is this the Conclusion?

I sure hope so. Bai.

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