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Slush Dungeon Concept

The Unknown Pixel World Level

The Unknown Pixel World Level was a level still in production when Slush Dungeon was cancelled. So far the real name of the level has not yet been revealed.

Based on the picture shown, it seems that the level was sharply based on its platforms.


Due to Slush Dungeon being cancelled during its alpha stage, any sort of detail regarding this level was never fully given except for the image above.


  • So far, in its production stage it has not yet been revealed what this level looks like nor what its actually called.
  • This level might actually be a pixelated level or a pixel level itself, or (if by chance) this level might be Bitland, without the Blue Bits.
  • In its concept art, it looks similar to the level, Bitland, from the previous game.
    • To add this up, Sthomas, Stucker and Steric uses their primary colors without their outlining, much like how the whole Slush Fighters looked on Bitland (Except Sthomas due to his primary color being black).
    • Also, if you look closely, pixels or dirt pixels are seen in the concept as Stucker, Steric, and Sthomas while they are running.
  • This is also one of the featured concept levels with three Slush Fighters. Giving more hints and clues that three or maybe more Slush Fighters can be used per level, or a certain amount of fighters must be used.

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