Twilight Tundra is a level introduced in Slush Tile Rush. It is the third level the game after Slushy Ice Frosting and before Rose-Tinted Woods.


Twilight Tundra is the home of the mysterious Mime Brains.

Through the Tundra

When the Slush Fighters emerge from the Frosted Forest, thy encounter brain-like creatures known as "Moon Mimes", Blues, Drabs and many more strange enemies. After they get past the minions/henchmen, they come across a blue who was overdosed in Blue Paint, the Moon-Bleached Blunatic. Using 2 RHG gladiators against them, Yoyo and Nhazul, and using his own abilities too, the Blunatic attacks the Slush Fighters, forcing them to fight back.


  • It is unknown how Yoyo and/or Nhazul ended up in this place.


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