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This is where tutorials are made. Make sure there are pictures supporting your sentences for the readers to understand. :3 ~from current owner Fan

Fan's section

For Khen (August 31, 2014)

For Khen

Trializ's tutorials.

Please excuse my terrible handwriting <:D

Seth's tutorials

How to draw black:

OK, since you guys dunno how to draw black (except trializ because his drawing was amazing!) and ima teach you.

DrewStick's Tutorials

How to Draw a Stick Figure on Macromedia Flash 8 (Sorry for the horrible graphics. Im too lazy to get on Windows where all the graphics are awesome. Note on the animation part, there should be a little transition inbetween each running pose :L
  • How to animate a running person
  • I think you know how to animate running now :D
  • How to animate a jumping person
  • Use free transform tool to make this guy a bit slanted and a tiny bit shorter
  • Do the same thing.
  • Free transform this guy to slant and make him a bit taller
  • This should be him jumping, but make sure that he isn't too far from where he was standing
  • Make him lean a bit (you draw that yourself) and I think you can do the rest
  • Just in case you need something to look at.
  • How to roll
  • DONE.

Reserved Section

Reserved Section

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