Top Users are users or members of this wiki who come to visit this wiki every single day and/or edits the articles that can help support this wiki. If your name is not listed below, this could either mean that you are not included due to behavior or due to lack to lack of edits to prove your requirement to be in this list. The list can either be based on number of edits or in the rankings. Your edit count can be seen on your user page and the rankings can be seen here.

The Top Users during this time (-) are in the following:

  1. -


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A User (or Users) are the primary members of the different wikis or wikias in the world. Most wikis have Users, the normal members of their group.

A User has the ability to edit certain articles corresponding to the date or knowledge he/she knows about the said article he/she edits. Most Users edit an article through facts, while some tend to edit them with fictitious articles.

A User can be promoted to becoming an Admin, a B-Crat, a Co-Owner or the new Owner of the Wiki(s).

Users are one of the most important part of any wikis out there as they (or us) know more about the wiki they have joined, the most articles they edit, the more the article itself expands wider and wider. (Like the Star Wars/Wookieepedia Wiki)

Chat Mods

Chat Mods are people who moderate the chat. In other words, they basically lead the chat section of the wiki. They also have the ability to block any messages that is inappropriate or people who are breaking the rules. The Chat Mods also keeps the chat room free of personal insults and derogatory comments. If you think Chat-Mods have easier jobs then admins, you're wrong: Most Chat-Mods have to stay in the chat room all day to see if anyone has broken the rules. They can also turn one into a chat mod in the chat room.


Admins are like the peacemakers within every wiki(s), a lot of wikis needs them due to some of the Users inability to cooperate with their companions. They work hard to make sure that nothing bad happens to their beloved wikis. Certain admins sometimes abuse their power and try to control other Users in to doing what they're not suppose to. Due to this, Being an Admin takes a lot of responsibility to become one, being promoted to this level gives you the right to enforce the rules in the wiki you are on. Crossing an Admin by doing something bad like breaking a wikis rule or other violating things, will get the user either kicked from the wiki for a certain time or banned forever.


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Co-Owners are like a secondary owner that is a rank/status given by the owner. This is very useful when the owner cannot manage the wiki by themselves. The Co-Owners act has the same abilities (on wikis) as the owners. Think of them as another owner.


Owners (or Founders) are the creators of wikis that they create. In this case, our wiki was created by a wiki an by the name of Ultralord159. Owners has the ability to grant wikians B-crat, Admin, Chat Mod, and many other statuses. They can also view many different things on the wiki that a normal wikian cannot. This applies to B-crats and the other ranks too.

About this Wiki...

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Known Wiki Users!

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Wikians in this wiki who have Quit

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Wikia Trivia

  • Vincetick and TRS have surpassed the 10,000 edit milestone last year and this year respectively.
  • For now, 2015 is the year with the least edit counts.
  • 2012 and 2013 are the years with the most edit counts.

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