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Tomahawks are Stick Luke's signature weapons throughout the series, although he also utilized pistols in the movie. They are mainly based off of the tomahawks from the Call Of Duty series. They each had different roles in the movie, the game and finally Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Invaders (movie)

Stick Luke used his tomahawks by throwing them at Blues and Drabs. He then began using his pistols for a little while before resorting back to his tomahawks by slicing a Blue.

Slush Invaders Game

After Stick Luke is rescued when the Slush Fighters escape Big Blue's pokeball, Stick Luke's abilities with his tomahawks were revealed. Whenever Stick Luke's hexagonal icon was clicked, Stick Luke would appear on screen on the ground. His tomahawks (which had also become known as spawnahawks or sp'hawks for short) were able to be aimed and thrown. Every single upgrade that Stick Luke unlocked also enhanced the abilities of the tomahawks. Stick Luke's Ultra Attack would involve Stick Luke bombing the enemies with tomahawks.

Slush Tile Rush

Tomahawks make yet another return in Slush Tile Rush. Whenever the player matches 2 Stick Luke tiles, Stick Luke would delay one "spawnahawk" (or sp'hawk) at a time. Each tomahawk would be worth 15 damage each. When the player slashes across the screen with rows of 3-4 Stick Luke tiles, Stick Luke would release every single tomahawk in a combined mass at the enemy. The maximum amount of tomahawks that are able to be delayed is 5, therefore the maximum amount of damage Stick Luke could ever do is 75 damage points.

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