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The Skunk is one of the bosses that appear in Slush Tile Rush and one of the final bosses of the game.

Slush Tile Rush

The Skunk appears as the in-game determined final boss of the game, encountered at the last stage of Slusher.

Battle Strategy

Much like Blue Uno, the Skunk takes about 2 - 5 seconds to attack, giving the player enough time to deal damage to it and even chain attacks immediately. However, the only downside when it attacks is that its tiles lasts for 15 - 20 seconds, and if the player is unfortunate enough, they will not be able to clear enough tiles to deal a significant amount of damage.

Chaining attacks against the Skunk is a must, but due to its tile duration, it is nearly impossible to properly chain attacks without having three to five tiles be locked from its attack. The Skunk can lock three to five of the player's tiles, thus adding difficulty fighting against it. The player is advised to use "spammable" Slush Fighters, such as Stedro, Sthomas, Sthang and Stucker, but will not deal enough damage to quickly finish him off. Activating a fighter's Special Move is also difficult due to its attack, so if the player is trying to save enough Slush Fighter tiles to activate a special move, it is best that they activate them immediately, as, if the Skunk attacks, adds more of its tiles to the board and locks the Slush Fighter tiles the player would have used to activate a special move, the player will suffer an immediate game over if they are not careful enough.

Heavy fighters such as Ben Stickobi, Stick Michael (in his Gildedguy form) and Marcstick are also advised to be used against the Skunk if they have any of them in their team. Stick Waqas, however, is not advised to be used, also the player should be careful of using Stedro and Stucker, due to their ability to add their respective tiles to the board when activated (Stedro when his Special Move is activated and Stucker whenever he is activated normally). The player should also use Marcstick's Special Move to quickly defeat the Skunk, as it only takes 3 - 4 "Wild Strike" to finish it off, however, this depends on chance and if the player is lucky enough to activate Marcstick's special move without error.

The Skunk's most infamous battle features are his "poot" sound effect when attacking, and the insane duration of the battle.



"ur ded" - In-game determined Dialogue


  • The Skunk is so far the only animal to act as a boss and character in the series to date.
    • And also, the smallest.
  • The Skunk appears to be the most powerful enemy in the entire game, even surpassing Blue Uno.
  • Real life Skunks' behavior states that they're Crepuscular, or active primarily during twilight. It is visibly near nighttime when the fight with The Skunk takes place. However, Skunks are not nocturnal and a few hints in the background hints to the sun rising.

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