Stun Bomb

Stun Bomb

is the ability to imobilize enemies from both air and ground. Only five units have the ability to stun.


Stedro- Blaster (Bonus Objective Upgrade)

Stagar- Hammer (upgrade)

Staddison- Stun Bomb (Comes with fighter)

BriStick- Knockout (Bonus Objective Upgrade)

Sthomas- Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4HD (Ultra Attack)

Damage stun

Damage stun is where a fighter attacks a certain enemy a repetitive amount of times, so repetitively, that the enemy is literally hit back to back. This makes the unit immobilized as the unit cannot move while being attacked, unless he attacked the unit first. However, the only unit recorded so far who can do this is Stomar with his Omega tempest, attacking many enemies at a very fast rate.


  • Stun is one of the rarest abilities among both the Slush Fighters and the Blues.
  • The most notable fighter with the stun ability is Staddison, due to his Stun Bomb's wide range and long duration.
  • Stagar's stun has the shortest duration, as the enemy is only stunned for a split second.
  • A stunned unit is a unit that looks like it is being hit, only white and motionless.
  • At Data Wall enemies that get stunned will show their true colors. This could be due to a glitch.
  • If Big Blue is hit by a stun, his fall rate will be reduced.

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