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Sticksaber's image.

Sticksaber is Ben Stickobi's Ultra Attack and final upgrade. He turns into a living lightsaber and goes crazy, running around and damaging any enemies in his path. It takes one Slush Token to unlock and two Ultra Bars to activate.

In Slush Tile Rush, Sticksaber absorbs every Ben Stickobi tile in order to convert each one into 3 damage points, making it one of the most handy Ultra Attacks in Slush Tile Rush.


  • If Ben is in the team during the first boss fight against Robo Hokie, instead of Stickyle, Ben will perform this Ultra Attack on the boss. This happens automatically as well even if Stickyle is in the team too, despite him being the first fighter unlocked before Ben and having an Ultra Attack himself.

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