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Stick Michael
Stick Michael (Michael)


Grey and Teal Outline

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Jumping, Ink lining, Transformation




Art, coding, animation, game developing


Extra Ink Tranpoline Gildedguy

Stick Michael (a.k.a Gildedguy) is the creator of the series. His abilities are based on the fact that he is an artist. 

Slush Invaders

Apart from the final scene where the Slush Fighters ganged up on Big Blue and the credits, Michael never made an appearance in the movie.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stick Michael is one of the Slush Fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after beating Luna.


  • Draws horizontal lines that catch and trap Big Blue.


  • Extra Ink
    • Michael's brush-line lasts for 1 more second.
  • TranpoLine
    • Michael's brush line never causes Big Blue to bounce on a lower height.
  • Gildedguy
    • Armor up into Gildedguy. Use his ultra attack for the rest of the level.
    • Long range combo that does high damage.
    • Level 3 Ultra.
    • Requires 1 Slush Token to unlock.


  • He gives tips on how to play the game better and on fighters, and he gives out fun facts in NG+ mode.

Slush Tile Rush

Puny damage with scribbles, awesome damage after transformation!

Stick Michael is a starting character, along with Sthomas.

  • His attack power is quite low. (1, 2, 3, 4...)
  • When transformed as Gildedguy (his special), his attacks deal 20 damage each (Gildedguy can only attack 5 times before becoming Stick Michael again, although this can be extended by Performing his special while he is in this mode). 



  • Michael's YouTube account can be found here.
  • Michael's Newgrounds account can be found here.
  • Despite being the creator of Slush Invaders, Michael has one of the smallest roles in the series.
  • Many mispronounce Gildedguy e.g. "glideguy".
  • In Stick Michael's videos on YouTube, every behind the scenes video has a green pen in it.
  • Stick Michael's green pen is his weapon because it represents that he is the creator.

Slush Invaders

  • In the movie Stick Michael has no outline making him silver.
  • Stick Michael is the only Slush Fighter (with the possible exception of Stickirby) that does not fight a Blue in the movie.
  • He only even appears during the credits.

Slush Invaders: Game

  • Michael is the last character you can unlock in the normal version of the game.
  • Stick Michael, with Stedro, Stickyle, and Steric, possesses two different icons.
  • When in boss fights, Stick Micheal's line allows Standrew to walk at a higher altitude. This combination is known as "Line Rider".
  • Stick Michael's locked image shows him being curiously crossed out by his own paint.
    • It is possible that the Blues got their hands on Michael's stylus and trapped him.
  • Stick Michael can be used as an easy way to get Marcstick's Evade.
  • Stick Michael is the only fighter that could change his own fighting role, from supporting team (line ceiling) to Gildedguy who aggressively attacks enemies.
  • Stick Michael (in the game) will soon graduate and leave Slusher in less than 4 years.
  • Although Stick Michael's attacks are all ink based, he doesn't actually use a paintbrush or even a pen. Instead, he uses a stylus to attack.
  • Stick Michael, along with Stickyle, are the only characters with two icons who don't have an input icon as their second icon.
  • Stick Michael is the only one who can transform into another fighter and stay like that for the whole level.
  • It's unknown how he transforms into his alter ego. It could be that he drew it himself quickly and equipped it to himself.
  • Stick Michael's green pen is summoned by only him, and not his black pen and tablet.
  • Stick Michael's ultra attack is the only one that does not represent another character from another franchise.


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