Stick Jorge is a light green stickman with a green outline and orange cape who is a Slush Fighter. He did not appear in the movie, apart from by name during Sthomas' scene. He made an appearance in the game as a melee fighter whose power increased 10% every time he was called in.

Slush Invaders

Stick Jorge made no appearance in the movie, apart from being mentioned by name, specifically his name on a sticker in his and Sthomas' room, at the beginning of Sthomas' sequence.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stick Jorge was captured by Big Blue's men. He is unlocked after beating Data Wall on NG+ mode.


  • Power increases 10% every time he fights up to 2x


  • Power Cap+
    • Raises Jorge's power limit to 3x.
  • Team Brawler
    • All melee fighters on the team get a 10% attack boost
    • This is represented by his fist.
    • Team Brawler includes Marcstick, Stagar, Stedro, Stickhanh, Stick Brian, Stick James, Stick Matt, Sthang, Stick Sean, BriStick and Sthomas.
  • Level Up
    • Whenever Stick Jorge reaches 2x, or 3x power, the Ultra Meter is increased by one bar.
    • This upgrade is unlocked by using 4 Ultra Attacks in Luna.


  • Stick Jorge, along with Stickwart, Stick Dan, BriStick, and Stickirby, is only unlocked in NG+ Mode.
  • Stick Jorge and Sthomas were roommates prior to the movie.
  • Stick Jorge's cape is seen in his icon and unlocked version without an outline, while in his locked form, his cape has an outline.
  • Stick Jorge may have moved out of Slusher Wing since he didn't make an appearance in the movie. In addition, his emblem has a post-it with Sthang's name on it, further suggesting this.
  • Stick Jorge was imprisoned by being tied up with his own cape.
  • Stick Jorge is one of the only three defenders that have capes. The others are Sthomas and Gildedguy.
  • Stick Jorge is the last fighter ever to be unlocked in the game.
  • Stick Jorge's pose in Level Up is very similar to Stick James' pose in the game.
  • Stick Jorge's outline is the same color as his fill, only darker.
  • Out of all the caped fighters, Stick Jorge is the only one who got tied up by his own cape.
  • His "Level Up" upgrade is a reference toward him being a gamer.
  • Stick Jorge, along with Sthomas, Joshtick and Stick James are the only ones that have a supportive upgrade showing a fist.
  • Stick Jorge is also one of the Slush Fighters in the game whose name has a dual color.
    • His name colors are Red and Lime Green.
  • His icon is similar to Stedro's input icon.


  • He'll come back stronger then ever
  • Stick Jorge's Info
  • Stick Jorge Upgrades
  • His player icon
  • Locked Stick Jorge
  • Team Brawler Icon

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