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Stick JK is a yellowish white stickman with a light blue outline who's a member of the Slush Fighters. He is a sniper like Steric, but the two have completely different styles. While Steric often gets closer to his enemies, JK prefers to stay far from them and get precise shots.

Slush Invaders

Stick JK worked together with Westick and Joshtick to save Standrew from the team of DrabsLimes and BigBoi guarding him. JK snipes a lot of Drabs and Limes off and kills BigBoi with Westick's help. He then escapes the building with Westick, Joshtick, and Standrew, where he soon gangs up on Big Blue along with the other Slush Fighters.
Stick JK's Info

Stick JK's Info

Slush Invaders: Game

Stick JK Upgrades

Stick JK's Upgrades

Stick JK is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after defeating the Ether Lord.


  • Auto-snipes 30% of 2 targets' HP
    • Note: A bonus called "Crazy Damage" is given if Stick JK deals a large amount of damage to one target.
  • Limited health.


  • Extended Mags
    • Stick JK snipes 3 targets instead of two.
  • Stopping Power
    • Shot damage increases to 60% of targets' health.
  • Maximum Marksman
    • Stick JK prioritizes his shots towards Azures and highest HP targets.
    • +50% health.
    • Unlocked by beating Autumnus' bonus objective:
      • Smash at least 27 trees.



  • Stick JK was eighth in the lineup when the Slush Fighters were ganging up against Big Blue. He was captured when a rope wrapped around his arm and pulled him away.
  • Stick JK has the longest gun in the whole team.
  • Stick JK is unlocked after beating Ether Lord.
  • JK's locked image shows him tied-up like a prisoner, but he still has his gun behind him (not that he could reach or use it).
  • Stick JK doesn't have an Ultra Attack.
  • In his character icon, his rifle's bipod is deployed, but he doesn't actually use it when attacking.
  • It's best to unlock his Maximum Marksman upgrade in NG+ Mode, since Autumnus turns into a regular level, making it a little easier to unlock it.
  • He is one of the fighters with a gun.
  • He is a really fast runner.
  • His weapon is a Cheyene Tactical Intervention bolt-action rifle.

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