St anthony
Stanthony (a.k.a Stick Anthony, or most commonly known as Big Blue). It is not confirmed if he is the Slush Fighters newest member and Trainer in Slusher Tower and Wing. His style is unknown but probably carries his fighting style from Big Blue.

His color being white must mean his innocence as he was corrupted by the Blue Paint like the other turned Blues.


Some time in the past, Stanthony had accidentally splashed himself with Blue Paint, which corrupted him and turned him into the menacing boss, Big Blue.

Afterwards he assembled an army of Blues and Drabs under his leadership. It can be assumed that during this time, he and his army had went to to the moon and built a base of operations there, as well as turning it into a prison. Much later, he had recruited the gargantuan BigBoi into his army, becoming one of his most loyal soldiers and presumably his right-hand man.

At an unknown period of time, he had his army invade and eventually take over Stick Pritchard, capturing every single person there and taking them to the moon. In that time, he then set his eyes on Slusher Tower and Wing, where the upcoming invasion there would cause a chain of events to begin.

Slush Invaders: Game

After the defeat of BigBoi Prime, Big Blue decides to make one final stand against Standrew in the hopes of defeating him, but is beaten, causing the blue paint all over him to be removed through Standrew's punch. Helped up by Standrew, he escapes along with the Slush Fighters, the captured citizens and the surviving Blues to Galaxyrise, where upon he thanks Standrew and his group for saving him and the rest, shaking hands with each other as a sign of peace and friendship.


  • While his fate after the first game is unknown, it can be assumed that either he joined the group and entered Slusher as well or had gone on his own way.

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