The Unknown light-blue transparent Slush Fighter (or Stallan, as given to him by the community; mostly the wiki users) is the unknown stick figure that appears during the intro of Slush Invaders: Game.


Stallan made an accidental appearance in the intro where he was seen with Stedro and Westick running towards BigBlue, where he was never seen again. It is unknown whether he was captured and transformed into a Blue or He stayed at Slusher.

If he did stay, It is most likely he was kicked out first from the rest of the fighters!

It is unknown whether he is a new member, an alternate of Steric or a miscollored BriStick.

Stallan is also Transparent, it is still unknown if he is Transparent or not, Due to the intros fast playing video and the fighters shadows rushing in on the scene.

And there is three of him!


Since it is unknown if he is a new member or an accident, there is no recollection or scenes of his powers or abilities.

Players have theorized that he was Steric or a slightly lighter version of BriStick.

Slush Invaders

He did not appear in the movie, although it may be hinted he can be seen with a watchful eye of a viewer if they keep an eye out for him.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stallan made his only appearance in the Game's intro cutscene where he was seen running to dodge one of the Blue's traps. He was never seen again after this.



  • Stallan is the first (and only) fighter to be transparent.
  • Stallan may not be a Slush Fighter, due to the fact he made an accidental appearance.
  • Stallan maybe a new member, although there is no possible evidence of this
  • Stallan may have been captured and also defeated by the fighters.
  • It is possible that, if seen closely that he was not in the first bit of the intro.
  • He appeared in the second bit where the ambush started.
  • He may have been turned into a Blue .
  • He was named Stallan by his discoverer, Vincetick.
  • It may also be possible that he survived when the Blue Base exploded in the Moon, but it is still unknown if he is still his rightful color or a Blue.
  • If he had survived and still remains as he is, He may be added as a Bonus Character in the upcoming 3rd series of the Slush Invaders.
  • DrewStick found out that Stallan is not an error version of any of the Slush Fighters. He was never seen during the line up when Big Blue was looking at the blues behind the bushes, and with careful counting by looking carefully at who was captured and who was unlockable (Not countin Stick Michael, Stickirby, or Stick Jorge because they didn't appear in that cutscene.), it would be safe to say that either Gildedguy forgot to delete that animation of a slush fighter before he changed his mind and made another animation for him or he didn't do it because of schedule reasons and made Stallan a mystery that could never be solved, for fun.
  • It seems that Stallan is the same as the color Stedro was in the original series, when Stedro was fast and quick on beating Blues.
  • Glidedguy actually knows that Stallan exists, but keeps information about him a secret.

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