Solarise is the introductory level of Slush Tile Rush.


Upon first playing the game, Solarise acts as a tutorial level for the first three enemies the player encounters. There are a handful of enemies that are scripted to appear to help the player get accustomed to the mechanics: Blue Uno, Blue Two and Cobalt the Third.

Blue Uno will act as the very first enemy in the game itself, to which the game will then instruct the player to use the available Slush Fighter tiles to defeat him to finish the the first tutorial, which is defeating Blue Uno by matching the tiles available on the both sides of the board. After this, Blue Two will appear and the player must defeat him on their own, to further help them get used to the mechanics.

Once Blue Two is defeated, Cobalt the Third will appear, in which the second tutorial will begin; which is defeating enemies with block abilities by matching numerous tiles of the same Slush Fighter in rapid succession. Once this is done, the boss fight will begin shortly afterwards (very rarely, another Blue or Cobalt may appear before the actual boss fight).

Once the player has finished the tutorial (and defeated all of the enemies that were encountered along the way), they will then reach the Tower of Solarise. Here, they are introduced to the game's random script within the Boss fights, as it will randomly pick which boss the player will face. The player may either face a vengeful and badly beaten Blue Uno again or the Wicker Blue. Either boss fight will clear the level, thus moving the player to the next level. During the boss fight, the game will teach the player on how to use each of the Slush Fighters' Ultra Attacks or "Special Moves", as called in-game.


Previous Level/Game: BigBoi Prime/Slush Invaders: Game After defeating the Slush Invaders on Luna and saving all of their captive prisoners, the Slush Fighters celebrate their victory which is short-lived when they all realize how far they are from their home: Slusher.

With the long trek that somehow took them months(?) to go through, the group's first stop is the plains called Solarise.

Next Level: Slushy Ice Frosting

Going Back Home!

[To be Added...]

Characters Introduced

Slush Fighters (Playable):

Slush Fighters (Unlockable):



A character with a BOLDED text means they can be encountered after you have beaten the game once.



Solarise's cutscene


  • From 0.1 to 0.4 of the game's beta, rarely a glitch may occur after the boss battle in Solarise, where the number of available fighters in the team will suddenly increase to 3, instead of staying at 2 until after Slushy Ice Frosting, though the player is still prompted to choose one of the given Slush Fighters to join their team.
    • When this glitch happens, the max number of Slush Fighters in the team would be 5, instead of 4, making finishing the final boss fight in both Hazy Home Screen and Slusher both easy and hard.

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