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The Sniper Rifle is a signature weapon that is either used by Steric or Stick JK. It is generally used to assassinate enemies from a long distance. It appeared throughout the series, even though Stick JK's one (along with Stick JK himself) disappeared in Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Invaders

Steric used his sniper rifle to take down Drabs in the elevator area of Slusher where he was accompanied by Staddison. Later on, Stick JK aids both Westick and Joshtick in their mission to save Standrew, sniping a whole lot of Limes and Drabs in the process all by himself.

Slush Invaders: Game

In the game, Stick JK uses his sniper to automatically snipe 30% of 2 enemies health. His sniper even has this bonus known as "Crazy Damage" when he deals massive damage to one target. His sniper's abilities are enhanced through the upgrades Extended Mags, which allows Stick JK to snipe a total of 3 characters instead of just 2, Stopping Power, which increases his sniper's damage to 60% and Maximum Marksman, which makes Stick JK's sniper prioritize his shots toward Azures or any high HP enemy.

Steric's sniper, on the other hand, can fire a high powered shot through a bunch of enemies at once, which can be very useful. His Quickscope upgrade allows him to fire his shot instantly by clicking his hexagonal icon, and his Snipe 1440 ultra makes him fire 4 shots, his 4th one being the 3rd one. However, this move is very inaccurate when Steric is a Bluish Fighter. At the end of the game, Stick Sean uses Steric's sniper rifle to get from Luna to Galaxyrise before the Blue Base explodes.

Slush Tile Rush

Steric's sniper deals 11 damage at the first attack, which gradually increases by one each time Steric attacks. His ultimate, Super Shot, deals 30 damage.


  • Steric and Stick JK's snipers are completely different, as Steric's is a green AWP (Slush Invaders and Slush Invaders: Game)/a brown Hunting Rifle (Slush Tile Rush) and Stick JK's is a black Cheyenne Tactical Intervention.

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