The SlushyBall, as called by the fanbase, or a Pokeball, is an item shown in the Slush Invaders series.

Big Blue captured StandrewStericStomarSthomas, and the other Slush Fighters in a blue colored pokeball, which led them to the Bitland level and Data Wall, and eventually to the Moon Prison.

Slush Invaders

The SlushyBalls did not make an appearance in the movie, although it can be safely assumed that, before Big Blue and his Invaders invaded Slusher, they used these objects to capture the helpless victims from the places they had successfully invaded, as well as captured some other people in it during their invasion on Slusher off-screen.

Slush Invaders: Game

The SlushyBall were used to capture stick people, like the Slush Fighters, and held them captive so Big Blue can turn them into a Blue.

The SlushyBall first appears after defeating the Bluish Fighters, where after investigating the mysterious can of empty blue paint, Big Blue throws a specifically dark blue colored SlushyBall at Standrew, where upon impact, suddenly "captures" him and all of the fighters inside, trapping them.

It makes one more appearance after Data Wall, where after managing to defeat the digitized Invaders inside the SlushyBall itself, the Slush Fighters manage to escape captivity, only to find themselves within the Moon Prison of the Invaders on Luna.

The SlushyBalls make one last appearance during the Moon Prison level, where they can be seen in the background in a variety of different colors, along a large number of stick men locked inside some cages. Likely these prisoners were also captured by the different colored SlushyBalls.



  • The SlushyBalls are based off of the Pokeball, an item that is most commonly used in the Pokemon franchise.
    • It works the same as the Pokeball, as it can capture almost anything. Though unlike the Pokeball, which can only capture one Pokemon and no other creatures than a Pokemon, the SlushyBalls appear to be able to capture a large number of people, as the dark blue SlushyBall Big Blue used managed to capture Standrew and his team within just one ball.
  • The SlushyBall makes an appearance on the World Map, alongside its other varieties, if the player clicks and hovers over Moon Prison's map Icon.
  • The most common SlushyBall ever introduced in the series is the specifically dark blue colored SlushyBall that Big Blue uses to capture Standrew and his team.
  • Bitland and Data levels all take place within the SlushyBall itself.
  • The different colored SlushyBalls seen during the cutscene between Data Wall and Moon Prison, as well during the Moon Prison level itself, may have different uses depending on the color.

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