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Slusholigy is a study course were you learn about Slusher. 

Slusholigy:how to apply & everything else

How to get into the study course of Slusholigy? You first must know what Slush Invaders is. Anyone can join. The first course is to learn all the names(stick and real) WITHOUT looking it up(do this over online chat).

Second you will learn about the Defenders individualy starting from SticKirby to Stick Jorge. You must learn the colors.

Third, you must be abble to answer any question after studying 1-2(we will have classes about those subjects that i will not talk about here)

Once you have recieved your final report card and you have the highest grades in your class, you can apply to be a teacher (Sthomas and Vincentick or Vinctick if you will, are already teachers). Once when you are in the course, i will tell you about everything else.

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