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Basic info

Slushiesticktown is a town on the coast of Blue Island. It's exactly 23,000 square miles from big Blue's base in the center of the island. It is inhabited by old Slush Fighters from 60 years ago. Lot's of have died, lot's have came.


Northwezzy is a holiday in Slushiesticktown that happens 38 times a year. in this tradition, everybody dresses up as couches from couch gags in reruns of The Simpsons. You tell someone you love them by a banana sandwhich. It is a very beautiful holiday indeed.


Everyone has to learn Chinese , and speak Chinese for the rest of the day in this holiday. Using The Rosetta Stone will result in the death penalty. It happens 156 days a year.

Mart456t Day

Everyone takes their time to admire Mart456t who created them xD


Slushiesticktown was founded in 1897 by Mart456t. He formed the lands by sending a huge wave of lava crashing down on the blank formation that would soon be Slushiesticktown.

In 1907 The land cooled. The good guys from War Blue came soon after to camp there. Their families took home here for 5 years while the war lasted.

In 1912 are friends from the Blue War won. They left and marched back o Slusherville. Good times.

1971. The blues have spent 60 years getting ready for this. They sneak attacked Slusherville.

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