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Slusher Tower and Wing is the main setting of Slush Invaders and the home of the Slush Fighters. This area is based off of the real-life Slusher Wing in the Virginia Tech dorms.

Slush Invaders

In the movie, Slusher Wing is home to a collection of superpowered superhero-esque characters known as the Slush Fighters, who reside and protect the dorm. You can see a "Keep it clean" poster when Stedro is using his hexagonal attacks. Although unconfirmed, the building also seems to house normal, non-powered characters (such as Standrew and a series of random red, white, orange and brown characters at the beginning and end of the game, though they may have just been spectators). Slusher Wing was also the main setting of the movie and was heavily vandalized. Judging from Big Blue's invasion list, Slusher Tower and Wing wasn't the only facility invaded, as the first item (Stick Pritchard) was already "assimilated" and the final item - West AJ - was still relatively untouched.

Slush Invaders: Game

Slusher is the 1st level of the first stage in Slush Invaders Game and acts as a tutorial for using fighters. On the first playthrough it contains no enemies and is very short, making it simple to beat. But in NG+ ModeBlues and Drabs will appear.

Info (Slush Invaders: Game)



Bonus Objectives:

  • Beat the level in 90 seconds flat.
  • Have only 1 fighter in the team.
    • Strategy(s): Constantly using the beginning of Stedro's combo will make it easy to complete the bonus on normal mode. If you still need to beat it on NG+, try spamming with Sthang.
    • Instead of using Stedro (if you want), you can have Steric (All upgrades) do all the shooting, since his shots make Big Blue goes far in the air faster.


Flight by Waterflame (The whole song)
275534 Flight
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Slush Tile Rush

Slusher is the last level, being tower 7, in this game. This is also the hardest level, where Blue Uno and The Skunk gang up to try to defeat you. This level is full of Armored Blues, Jet Drabs and Azures, making it quite hard to defeat. After this level you will be asked if you want to repeat the game.

Non-canon areas

These are the areas in Slusher made/assumed by users.


  • P.E. is taught here.
  • There are various sports fields.


  • This is also considered the 1st floor.
  • Students enter and exit Slusher here.


  • On floors 2 and 4.
  • Teaches Math, Science, Art, English, Spanish, and many more!


  • On floor 3.
  • Menu changes daily.
  • All students eat here.


  • All students live here until they graduate.
  • These take up most of the floors in Slusher.
  • Ideal place to be during a lockdown.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


  • Sthang and Stick Jorge are the only Slush Fighters to not actually live in Slusher, though Jorge's status is questionable.
  • There is a large number of brown, orange, and white stickmen on the roofs in the background..
  • Stick Jorge lived in Slusher during the 1st semester.
  • During production of the game, this level, along with the other Virginia Tech levels, was drawn during Halloween.
  • Beating this level in the game shows "Completion Bonus" on normal mode, but displays "D2?" on NG+ Mode.
  • In the One Minute Summary, Slusher is in a miniature size. 
  • Slusher and Slushy Ice Frosting are the only 2 levels with more than two words and both levels contain "Slush" in their name.
  • After beating this level for the first time, they will sometimes remind you to click the mouse or hit the spacebar until a certain level.
  • The miniature Slusher in the one minute summary could have been a fake one, where Stickyle, Stick James, and Steric were hiding behind.
  • Before you start the level, Big Blue and Standrew are standing next to M.A.R.V (Mobile Aerial Research Vehicle).
  • There is a mistake at the end of the level where close stickmen are blurred.

In Reality

It is the home and college to the real Slush Fighters.

Most of the real life Slush Fighters are pretty much parallel their stick figure counterparts.


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