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Slusher is the 1st level of the first stage of Slush Invaders: Game and also the last stage of Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level/Movie: The Invasion!

After nearly all of the Slush Fighters have been captured in the ambush, the player must use Standrew to send Big Blue flying and let the active Slush Fighters in their Team to keep him in the air until they reach the end of the level.

The level is basically a tutorial that acustomes the player with the mechanics of how the game works.

There are no enemies on this level so the player is free to send out their starter Slush Fighters onto Big Blue for as long as they want, but be careful as the player can lose the level if Big Blue begins to slow down and stops, leading him to escape, causing the player to lose the game.

Afterwards, once the level is done, they are then taken to the next to level to learn how to defeat the oncoming, who will defend Big Blue from the Slush Fighters, using their team of Slush Fighters against them.

Next Level: Drillfield

Begin the Assault!

After managing to get together and ganging up on Big Blue as he is about to leave MARV, Standrew and the rest of the Slush Fighters are ambushed by the arrival of his back-up Blues and instantly capture most of the fighters, leaving the others who managed to avoid being caught to fend off the rest of the Blues on their own.

Stickhanh, Stedro, Stickyle, Standrew and Stick Matt fight off the Blues, however, Stick Matt gets tied up. Marcstick is knocked down. Westick on the otherhand, gets back up and helps out as well. Big Blue, noticing that the other Slush Fighters that weren't captured are still capable of taking out his forces, decides to secretly retreat, however, Marcstick, who is down on the ground, notices and alerts the others to him, where Standrew rushes for him. Meanwhile, Big Blue notices his other back-up Blues who are bringing the other captured Slush Fighters with them, where one of his infrantry's tell him that they can leave. Big Blue taunts Standrew, prompting him to perform a strong launcher kick, sending him flying. However, Big Blue uses this "attack" as an escape as he laughs at the Slush Fighters and bids them farewell.

However, an enraged Standrew orders the other active Slush Fighters to attack him as he is flying; Stedro, Marcstick, Stickhanh, Westick and Stickyle then head on to begin the assault!

They then chase Big Blue towards Drillfield.

Getting Kicked Out!?

In the secret ending in NG+ Mode, StAndrew tries to enter Slusher with the other residents, only to discover his key card isn't being accepted. He signals Ben Stickobi and Stomar to bust down the door, and afterward, the Slush Fighters enter, exhausted from their long journey and choosing miscellaneous rooms to rest in.

However, Joshtick realises in horror that they all have been kicked out of Slusher in their absence. He signals the other Slush Fighters before being hit by several purses by one of the new residents of Slusher. Sthomas gets the signal (either because he came to the realization that he was sleeping in StAshley's room or he heard Joshtick's message), busts down StAshley's door, puts on his cape and dashes off with the other fleeing Slushers as the alarm goes off, signalling another invasion of Slusher.

Slush Tile Rush

Previous Stage: Hazy Home Screen

Slusher is the final stage of Slush Tile Rush. It takes place on the evening drillfield and heads toward the main tower. In this level, the Slush Fighters encounter Armoured Blues, Azures and Jet Drabs. When the player finishes the long trek, they will enter the tower, only to discover Blue Uno and his pet have caught up with them. They will either battle Blue Uno or The Skunk and will rush back to Solarise if the player is playing the game on a computer to get their phones back. When the game is complete, the Slush Fighters will take a rest and play some games.

Next Stage: N/A

Almost Home

As the Slush Fighters are nearing their home, Stedro flops down in exhaustion as Stickyle and Stucker observe the main tower from their distance.

The Slush Fighters continue their way through Drillfield, while facing off new Blues with armour, Jet Drabs and Azures. By the time they are at the front door, they find out Blue Uno, along with his skunk companion had caught up with them first, and is now more powerful and vengeful than ever. Blue Uno and The Skunk challenge them for a final battle, which will result in either their destruction or their victory.

Back at Slusher!

Regardless, the Slush Fighters defeat the duo, despite both taking very little damage, the length of Blue Uno's tiles are up to a minute and the Skunk continuously locking Slush Fighter tiles. When they win, they all celebrate until...

Back to the Beginning

Stickyle notices his pocket contains everything he needs except his phone, and this suddenly happens to all the Slush Fighters as well, as they realise that they all left their smartphones at Solarise since the beginning of their quest. They all urgently rush back to the start, to collect their phones and begin their journey all over again.

Back at Slusher, Again!!

When they return to Slusher, they once again go through a bunch of enemies, and defeat Blue Uno and The Skunk again. After all that, they rejoice their real victory and play a night of camaraderie.

Info (Slush Invaders: Game)



  • Stick Matt
  • Stickwart (NG+)
  • Spin X7 (Stick Matt's bonus upgrade)
    • Strategy(s): Constantly using the beginning of Stedro's combo will make it easy to complete the bonus on normal mode. If you still need to beat it on NG+, try spamming with Sthang.
    • Instead of using Stedro (if you want), you can have Steric (All upgrades) do all the shooting, since his shots make Big Blue goes far in the air faster.

Bonus Objectives:

  • Beat the level in 90 seconds.
  • Have only 1 fighter in the team.

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Flight by Waterflame (The whole song)
275534 Flight
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  • Slusher has a major part in both Slush Invaders: Game and Slush Tile Rush, due to its major importance to the main characters.
  • Slusher's map icon in the first game is used as the loading screen icon, with Mornin's main layout being used as the background.


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