Slush Token

Slush Tokens are collectable items used to unlock Slush Fighters' abilities. More specifically, they are used to unlock several characters' Ultimate attacks.

Collecting Them

There are only a limited number of tokens (15) that can be obtained in several ways: 1. Defeating bosses for the first time

2. Completing bonus objectives

3. Unlocking 58/117 upgrades (1)

4. Purchase at NG+ Shop

  • 100,000pts (1)
  • 300,000pts (1)
  • 900,000pts (1)


  • Although there are only 14 Ultra Attacks in the game, you can collect up to 15 Slush Tokens.
  • The NG+ Shop's description of the Slush Tokens are "Green chips that unlock a fighter's Ultimate Power."
    • This is actually true as the Slush Tokens are like Poker Chips and they're used to unlock a certain fighter's potential in the first game.
  • If you look closely, the "L" on the Slush Token is the Slusher Tower and Wing.
  • In Slush Tile Rush, once you finish the game, if you look at the chips Ben Stickobi and Stedro are using in their card game, they strikingly resemble Slush Tokens.
  • Though not appearing in-game, the Slush Tokens are mentioned by the Moochin' Snowball (Game Determined Boss).

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