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Removing the Blue Paint
This Page is being renovated and users who do not have any permission to edit this page are being warned right now to not update this page without the person in charge of this page's permission. Unauthorized editing will resuly in a block worth for two days, a second unauthorized edit will result in a block for a week and a third will result in a permanent block.

This page/article contains all of the necessary events and schedules for every single specific event that are to be held in the wiki. Please feel free to comment your opinion in the comments below

The Slush Invaders Wiki will host Special and/or Major events that will be held on the wiki, either daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly. The schedules will help guide you, dear user, on when and where the event will take place, and how it will be held on the wiki. Please take note that, once the year ends and new year starts, the events will be changed, depending on the users themselves, not just the person who is in charge of this page (this person right here is in charge of this article, unless he/she has given other users the privilege to update this page as well).

Please feel comfortable when going through the events and schedules, if you happen to find any grammatical errors while reading this article, please be obliged to correct them.

Thank you so much!

~The Slush Invaders Wikia Staff.

January Events

[To be Added next year...]

February Events

[To be Added next year...]

March Events

[To be Added next year...]

April Events

April 1, 2015:

  • April Fool's Day!
  • Crazy&Cooler's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to Crazy&Cooler!

May Events

[To be Added next year...]

June Events

June 5, 2015:

  • Chakatan's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to Chakatan!

June 12, 2015:

June 22, 2015:

  • BrightXeno's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to BrightXeno!

June 24, 2015:

June 25, 2015:

  • Trializ's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to Trializ!

July Events

[To be Added next year...]

August Events

August 27, 2015:

September Events

September 11, 2015:

September 16, 2015:

September 23, 2015:

  • Skpcboy's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to Skpcboy!

September 26, 2015:

October Events

October 23, 2015:

November Events

November 5, 2015:

  • Dimitri's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to the GTA Nerd/Dimitri!

December Events

December 10, 2015:

  • Scottick's Birthday
    • Happy Birthday to Scottick!


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  • The Real Sthomas must check this page once a week to check it for any errors done when updated.

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