This page contains design sketches and bug reports. This is for those curious for a small look behind the development of the game. Some of these sketches and excerpts are unlockable by reaching 100% upgrade completion.

luna sketch

Drawn during long bus rides or down time during lecture.

Bug Reports

I would leave notes for myself when debuggin the game. A lot of these are also notes from my friendly game testing slaves.

-Super Bar does not grow...?
-Unlimited Supers.
-Change bonus objective for speed to AT LEAST 350. maybe more?
-Stedro's bonus objective does not tell you when you achieve it.
-The "guaranteed" points after beating a level are not guaranteed. merely adds to the total for that level
-Brian's bonus objective does not tel you when you achieve it.
-when gravity is low, kyles second kick does not hit.
-disappearing hokie bird
--Andrew depth swap
-change 35 monsters to kill to 25?
-less shooting monsters on that level
-ng not yet causes wierd over cam issue
--coreys ability change? invincible when hes dead? or more health?
-make tucker more powerful
-waqas, jk, josh need protection or more health
-jk snipes mages (priority)
-burrowing attack for a character?
-attack from above attack for a character?
-crowd sound present during the bluish fighters boss... change?
-Ultra bar... change to say 3 with 0 bar instead of 2 with full bar
-add luke's 2nd skill "scavenger" gains an extra tomahawk for every enemy kiled and every hit on big blue adds a max of one tomahawk each recharge.
-Tucker's second skill = either 1. after each kill have invicibility for 5 sec? or 2. gain health after each kill
-Ben's saber toss... needs to work
-Marc needs an ultra... 
-change HP on mages on galaxyrise?
-Hang was glitchy... didnt follow his target, stayed in one spot
-Stagar needs more skills (wipeout - board flies off his feet when he gets hurt and damages enemies)

-STICK LUKE NEEDS TO LAG... ensued by raging... and lots of tomahawk kills!!!!
-Omar invincible once he starts attacking
-stats screen hover text, bg make darker
-stat screen 100% reflects different levels
-HUD.marker carries over different levels, due to depth swap (above boss marker)
-HUD.try flag left over, win screen
***Check bonus fighters as bonus requirement
***Make bonus objective text higher
-Whiteout change initial hit position (add isNoob)
-bluish fighters add intro text
*Pedro + Matt = Speed build
-UltraCharge being set to NaN
-PrevTry markers disappear in later levels.
*James + Sean Upg2 = Better recharge
***Check Data Wall bonus check.
***Galaxyrise bonus objective 2 unhoverable.
***Bonus Array needs to be longer.
-Boss hitbox exploited by kamikaze.
***Final boss doesn't die.
-Remove info button from first level.
---Michael Line abused.
---Reset best score array upon hardmode.
---Level "Lane" super spawning drabs
Add more enemies to hokieboss.
---Speed cap on kamikaze. Make effect affect left ally?
Add a "Not yet" button to NG+.
Josh plays animation when BB is on mobile.
test hang ultra
test sean tele boost
GLITCH boss, prevtries flags wrong position (inverted)
- NO backup during boss 1
- Map button doesn't appear
- Left over flag
- Autumnus win message ng+
- Autumnus ng + always wins, make it longer
- Autumnus ng+ more trees
- Reduce autumnus to 27 trees
- Combo = Addison + Luke
- Combo = Michael + James + Sean
- Combo =Ben, Eric (Squad Spec), Luke, Dan, Waqas, Stewart 
- 20 minutes of animation....?
- Double HP of Bluish Fighters Hard mode
- BitLand 45 enemies only
- BitLand unlocked Staddison by accident
- Luna Prison percentage incorrect
- Hang recharge glitch
- Unlock michael twice
- Boss cant reach Andrew left side
- Boss Eyeball not large enough
- Boss NG+ still doesn't die
- Invincible mage doesnt disappear
- Coupon doesnt appear
- Ether Lord should give 2 tokens on first try
- Ultra during boss messes up BG
- Double check bonus characters appear in shop
- Token for 50% progress unlocks
smash hit too loud
reflector too loud
beepA B too loud
sabers lil loud
sword slice too loud
metal plate too loud
metal hit too loud
soften thudshot
add flash glitch

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