Welcome to the 1st Game of the Slush Invaders series in which this article tells you about the Glitches, Tricks and Tips on the game.

Glitches (Levels)

This part of the article tells some Glitches which (sometimes) occassionaly happens on certain levels, The following Glitches happen more often than once in one gameplay.

All levels:

  1. If you are playing a level and go to sleep mode, when you open back, the background will turn black and different things would happen every single time. This only works on certain computers.

Slusher Glitches:

  1. During the first gameplay, if you fail to (I don't think anyone would even fail at this one) get Big Blue to the end of Slusher and restart the level for atleast 4 - 5 times (Must not be on purpose), A Blue will come out of nowhere and fend off your Slush Fighters. This Blue, however cannot be defeated, even if you send all your fighters at once  (This Glitch rarely happens to some players).
  2. In NG+ Mode, If you have Stick Luke on your team then start the lead-kick and (either on purpose or not) fail at the beginning then start again, during Stick Luke's Spawnahawk throw, instead of throwing, he will infinitely facepalm again and again forever. (His facepalm action Glitch is actually his 'hit' action, when he is hit by an enemy). Although you can still here him throw the Spawnahawks, but you wont be able to begin the level and also he will do his action when you call him only for a second and continue facepalming.
  3. If you try to get the Bonus Objective in NG+ Mode, there is a 10% chance there are no enemies (except Big Blue) and have all the Slush Fighters automatically appear in either your team bar or appear attacking Big Blue every 5 - 9 seconds (This is a very rare super Glitch to happen and hard to try to do).

Drillfield Day Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Drillfield Night Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Lane Stadium Glitches:

  1. On the half part of the level, in NG+ Mode instead of Blues, Cobalts will randomly appear every 10 - 20 seconds and Drabs will appear every 1 - 3 seconds, this will continue to happen until the player refreshes the page (This Glitch happens if Stick James "Mass Alert" Ultra happens twice in 1 Activation).

Robo Hokie Glitches:

  1. When you try to get the Bonus Objective on your 3rd try (this happens sometimes) Blues and Drabs will counter Standrew instead of just Blues, and the team bar will not appear even though you have depleted Robo Hokie's health by half.
  2. In NG+ Mode, When you try to send fighters who run and then attack (Like Stick James, Marcstick, etc...) and when they get caught in the rotating jet-fire hovers, the game will lag (usually) and the fighter or the fighters who get caught in the Hovers will not be recalled back and will continously be hurt and lag the game.
  3. When you activate Stick James Mass Alert Ultra when Robo Hokie's health is almost to zero, When the Slush Fighters attack Robo Hokie when his health is near to zero and even though he is defeated, Stomar will attack Robo Hokie, alone, and when the level is completed he will stand on top of Robo Hokie, looking like he defeated it alone.
  4. When Robo Hokie is almost defeated Ben Stickobi (if you have him in you're team of course) will use his Ultra Attack Sticksaber, but he does not do any damage. If you do not Have Ben Stickobi in your team but have Stickyle instead, he will use his Ultra Attack Star Storm. (This is not a glitch, but most people may mistake it for one. It is an easter egg to introduce the ultra attacks.)

Mornin' Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Lake Glitches:

  1. 1 - 4 Cobalts will appear on the level mysteriously. This Glitch happens if you both, try to get the Bonus Objective on the 5th try and send in both Stick Jorge and Marcstick at 3 - 7 enemies at the same time, continously.

Autumnus Glitches:

  1. No Glitch Recorded yet.

Haunted Turf Glitches:

  1. A funny Glitch happens in where Standrew will suddenly freeze when he is about to launch Big Blue, yet after the player lets go of either the Mouse or the Spacebar, Big Blue will still be launched.

Ether Lord Glitches:

  1. A common Glitch where if the player does not let Standrew attack Ether Lord and keeps him on the Left and when Ether Lord does his Ultra Attack, Standrew will be on the Right and Ether Lord will be stuck on the Left. This will hurt Standrew infintely if he is on the Right.
  2. A glitch where there are no pumpkins except Friendly Green ones dont appear.
  3. There is an unusual Glitch where the Zomblues suddenly transform into Blues, yet they still have the same attack pattern and also become Inert

Tundra Glitches:

  1. During the mid-way of the level, if you kick Big Blue and seen the mountain background, a Black Line can be seen on the middle of the mountains.

White Out Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Slushy Ice Frosting Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Galaxyrise Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Bluish Fighters Glitches:

  1. When you use fighters that can stun enemies and try to stun the Bluish Fighters, they will reveal their true color.
  2. When you hit the Bluish FIghters with Staddison's Flashbang, they will reveal their true color while attacking. (This Glitch is cool when either Blhomas, Bleric and/or Blomar attack their counterparts)
  3. A Very Extreme Rare Glitch Happens sometimes in this Boss Level, where instead of battling 3 Bluish Fighters, you will fight against 5 - 7 more Bluish Fighters who are Stick Sean, Stickirby, Stick Jorge, Stick Waqas, BriStick, Stickwart and Stedro.
  4. When the above Glitch happens, All the Bluish Fighters and Oddly Bledro, BlueStick, Blue Jorge, Blomar and Bluewart will do their Ultras even though Bledro and the other Bluish Fighters (except Blomar, Bleric, Blhomas, Blue Waqas and Blue Sean) dont have any Ultra attacks.

Bitland Glitches:

  1. When you use Stick Michael's Ultra Attack, he will attack the targetted Bit bit, unfortunately will stand-still through the whole level and will not be able to be activated. (This Glitch still happens)

Data Wall Glitches:

  1. In the beginning where you kick Big Blue, trying spamming the "k" key or restart the level immediately as fast as you can, you'll find yourself zoomed in on the game itself and you can see the level progress bar, but you can still play the level, this also makes getting through Data Wall faster and easier plus its also foolproof on both Normal Mode and NG+ Mode. You'll still get to finish the level and get Stick Luke (on Normal Mode) and Stick Jorge (on NG+ Mode).

Moon Prison Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Blue Base Glitches:

Coming Soon....

Luna Glitches:

Coming Soon...

Big Boi Prime Glitches:

  1. A strange yet Cool Glitch happens when BigBoi Prime's health is by 3 - 1%, Stick James will suddenly use Mass Alert automatically, but this won't deplete the Ultra Bar. Sending out all Active and even Auto- Fighters to BigBoi Prime. This only happens on NG+ and NG++ Mode.

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