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This page is about the antagonists of Slush Invaders. For the movie of the same name, see Slush Invaders (movie), or for the game, see Slush Invaders Game.

The Slush Invaders

The majority of the blue menaces and their blue boss

are a very large group of blue or other dark colored invaders that invaded Slusher Wing. They're all grouped and named by their shade of blue. The leader of these invaders is Big Blue. Fun fact: They are called Blue Baddies as said in the picture and the 1-minute summary from the game.

Slush Invaders

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Slush Invaders: Game

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Slush Invaders: Duel

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Slush Tile Rush

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Slush Dungeon

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List of Members

Name Picture Description
Big Blue 212px-Ultbb.png The leader of the group.



Main infantry, work well in packs but have low chances of

survival against even Marcstick.



Shooting_drabs.PNG Ranged SMG-wielding marksmen who fly around on jetpacks.


212px-Limes.png Crackshot mercenaries who use shotguns.
Toaster 106px-Toaster.png Automated tanks that lauch grenades at airborne Slushers.


Mobile.PNG Vehicles driven by standard blues and defended by Drabs.



Defensive mages who protect their teammates from being

attacked by the Slush Defenders.

Blue Bit Bandicam_2012-08-16_15-57-41-501.jpg

Viral bits of data who attempt to swarm opponents but

are even weaker than Blues.



Cobalt.png Walking shields that can form protective walls.
Robo Hokie


181px-RoboHokie.png A robot turkey manned by Big Blue.
Bluish Fighters Bluish_Fighters.PNG Stomar, Steric, and Sthomas covered in blue paint.
Blomar Locked_Stomar.PNG Stomar as a Bluish Fighter.
Bleric 180px-Bleric.png Steric as a Bluish Fighter.
Blhomas 180px-Blomas.png Sthomas as a Bluish Fighter.
Mobile Mobile.PNG

Snowmobiles driven by Blues and defended by Drabs that

try to catch Big Blue before the Slush Defenders do.

BigBoi 180px-BigBoi.png

A gargantuan, black stickman who acts Big Blue's

siege cannon

Bigboi Prime 212px-Bigboiplain.png

BigBoi implemented with cybernetic parts after recieving

fatal injuries

Blue_Paint.PNG Blue Paint

A solution of highly-concentrated chemical compounds that

can dye any stick figure's skin blue and turn them into 

servants of Big Blue.


  • Toasters, Mobiles, Azures, Blue Bits, Cobalts, the Robo Hokie, and the Bluish Fighters only appear in the game.
  • The Robo Hokie is actually just a robot manned by Big Blue and can actually be considered a vehicle.
  • The Bluish Fighters are actually Stomar, Steric, and Sthomas all unwillingly turned into Blues.
  • Toasters, Mobiles, the Robo Hokie, and BigBoi are the only Slush Invaders not named after a color.
  • The limes weren't properly named until the game (unlike the blues and drabs who were identified on Big Blue's tracker)
  • Limes were originally meant to be a shotgun-based enemy in the game
  • The Lime was scrapped from the game during productions replaced by Cobalts.
  • Since the Ether Lord ate Big Blue, despite attacking the Slush Fighters, he doesn't count as a Slush Invader.
  • While the Zomblues are blue, they are not considered members of the Slush Invaders for not actually siding with Big Blue. Pumpkins are also disqualified for being a Slush Invader.
  • The Slush Invaders are mostly made up of Blue Stickmen.
  • The Limes never appeared in the game.
  • Blue Paint didn't appear in the movie but was introduced in the game.
  • Bigboi Prime got bigger in the game and he's feet never appeared in the game.
  • The Mobile and the Toaster never made an appearance in the movie.
  • Cobalt did not make an appearance in the movie.
  • The Blue Bit(s) never made an appearance in the movie as well.
  • If you noticed the Blue Bit(s) color are similar to the slush

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