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SIR Reverse

The logo

Slush Invaders: The Яeverse is a game that will pit the players against someting new, they will have a new experience,playing,play as the current slush Defenders,Fanmade slush Defenders and others to stop a

force called the Яeverse. Instead of a launcher game, it will be a beat-em-up game with the Slush Defenders playing as fighters in a huge field. Equip Items, battle huge bosses and bring your friends back from the Яeverse!


SIЯ will have a beat em up style of gameplay, with switching fighters to fight trough Reversed minions of big blue, Play as the Original or Playermade Slush Defenders, W,A,S and D Keys for movement, J,K,L for attack, and [Space] for the fighter's ultra, unlike the Slush invaders Game where only some characters have ultras, in SIЯ, ALL characters will have ultras (Finally Marcstick can use an ultra for once!)

There will also be a multiplayer mode, so you can beat the Reverse, or beat them WITH the reverse, There will only be 1 Controllable for each but you can do a small mono ey mono, or join a large scale Fight!



(Insert your Characters here!)

  • Stnoriel
  • Stezon
  • Rastick
  • Tekstick
  • Stadow
  • Martial
  • StAndrew
  • Stacob
  • Sthang
  • Stickwart
  • Stick JK
  • DracoStick
  • Stick Michael
  • Stick Dan
  • Stkhen
  • Stony
  • Stallan
  • The Real Sthomas
  • Stlars
  • Zeit
  • Jostick
  • Dexstick
  • Stick Alex
  • Maxstick
  • Stick Garyn
  • Strixie
  • Stivan
  • New Scottick
  • DrewStick 
  • Darkon Stick
  • StiCarson
  • Seth
  • Trystick
  • Stord

The Reversed (Bosses)

(Insert your Characters here!)

  • Яakion
  • StedЯo
  • MaЯcstick
  • StomaЯ
  • Яhomas
  • ScoЯ
  • Яax
  • IЯis
  • Яou
  • Яick
  • ЯMD
  • SteЯic
  • SteЯlin
  • StickeЯbey
  • SilveЯ Dark Blue Stick
  • SmaTaЯish
  • SeЯn
  • SethЯ 
  • MaStRix 
  • TЯS
  • TЯystick




Main article: Special attacks

Specials are a Slush Fighter's Best Friend in this game, many different specials are designed for each fighter to fight against the reversed


  1. Tutorial 1 (What Started it all) [Playable: Rakion](Boss:None)
  2. Tutorial 2 (The First Reverse)[Playable: Stnoriel] (Boss:Я Blade) 
  3. Slusher (Dereversed) [Playable: Jamaica](Boss:Я Falco)
  4. Slusher (Slush Reverse) [Playable: Marctsick] (Boss: Stick Brian)
  5. Slusher A -Dorms (Going After the Snipers)(Playable: Westick) (Boss:Я StEric)*
  6. Slusher B -Hall way (FlexiReverse) (Boss:Я Marcstick)*
  7. Slusher C-Training Center (Tech Trial) (Boss:Я Waqas)*
  8. (TBA)

.* Denotes that they can be played in any order (As long as they are adjecent) ​

Sidequests (not in order)

  • No! No! NOOOOOO!!!-Find TRS (Boss: TЯS)

Add your own



Megaman X8 - Wild Fang with lyrics and translation04:19

Megaman X8 - Wild Fang with lyrics and translation

The Theme for SiReverse, If you're going to ask why this: Don't, well yet


  • Stage 4 is the only stage you play as one of the reverse

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