All of the Slush Defenders

The Slush Fighters (sometimes called "The Slush Defenders") are the residents and defenders of Slusher Wing. All of the Slush Fighters have different colors, outlines, and fighting styles, each based off of their real life counterpart's interests and hobbies. They are also the main protagonists of the Slush Invaders franchise and the leader of the group is Standrew. The main enemy of the defenders are Big Blue and the Slush Invaders.

There is a total of 29 members (not including Gildedguy, because he and Stick Michael are considered to be one person).

List of Members

Name Picture Description
Gildedguy Giledguy The guy who made Slush Invaders. Oh, and he's Michael's alter ego. Don't mess with the creator.  Just don't.
Stick Michael Stick Michael's Character Pose Power of the paintbrush. And the transformation to Gildedguy.


180px-StAndrew.jpg The powerless (but stylish) leader of the Slush Fighters. Can kick incredible distances.
Stick Sean Stick Sean's Character Pose Screw walking. Portal dash!
Sthomas Sthomas' Character Pose He's got a cape! An EPIC. BLUE. CAPE!!!! Oh, and he's a combo master.
Sthang Sthang's Character Pose

Shoot him, shoot him... why isn't he dead!!!

Stick Luke Stick Luke's Character Pose

Look in the sky, is it a bird, is it a ****, it's a tomahawk...


180px-Stedro%27s_Character_Pose.jpeg A reflecter wielding, laser blasting melee fighter.


180px-Stickyle%27s_Character_Pose.jpeg The epic power of fireballs and green flames.


180px-Stucker%27s_Character_Pose.jpeg Wow. Nice daggers, dude.
Stick James 180px-Stick_James%27_Character_Pose.jpeg Punching alarms, day and night and since 1967.
Stomar 180px-Stomar%27s_Character_Pose.jpg

Those katanas of yours look sharp, VERY SHARP...



Marcstick%27s_Character_Pose.jpeg Follows the assassin's creed, and is clearly...running away?


180px-Stickhanh%27s_Character_Pose.jpeg Soccer rules (football, mate)!


180px-Stagar%27s_Character_Pose.jpeg Soccer, snowboarding, eh. As long as I have the time.
Ben Stickobi Ben Stickobi's Character Pose Use the force, young Luke... Oh, you're name's not Luke?


Sticorey's Character Pose I am invincible. INVINCIBLE I TELL YOU!!! (gets shot by a drab and instantly starts crying)
Stick Brian Stick Brian's Character Pose More combos, more fun.
Stick Matt


Stick Matt's Character Pose Stretchy. Very stretchy. And oh, are those dragons?


Steric's Character Pose Epic hunting rifle and quick scoping skills.
Staddison Staddison's Character Pose Rifle power! Oh, what's that? I can summon my missiles!
Stick Waqas

Stick Waqas' Character Pose

Must. Keep. Building. *sweating*


Stickwart's Character Pose One shot. Two shot. THREE SHOT! WOOT!
Stick Dan Stick Dan's Character Pose Fear my high power chainsaw rifle...thingy (I dunno you tell me).
BriStick BriStick's Character Pose Up you go!


Westick's Character Pose SMG assault like a boss.


Joshtick's Character Pose Don't step there. Or there. Or even there. I think I went a little overboard with the grenades...
Stick JK


Stick JK's Character Pose ME SNIPESTA :D


Stickirby's Character Pose You want him to copy your friend? Check.You want him to copy your girlfriend? Check.You want him to copy your kitchen knife? Double check.
Stick Jorge Stick Jorge's Character Pose

He'll come back stronger than ever.

List of Unconfirmed Members

Name Picture Description
Stallan Stallan A mysterious character
Stanthony New Member, New Fun!


  • Standrew, Stickirby, and Stick Jorge were the only Slush Fighters to have not been named in the credits of the movie. (Standrew was named during the movie, but Stickirby was not named, making his appearance in the beginning questionable, and Stick Jorge didn't even appear in the movie except by name during Sthomas' scene.)
  • At the beginning of the game, if the player skips the intro cutscene, they will be shown a picture of several members of the Slush Fighters, in which they were nicknamed the "Rainbow Good Guys". This is a gag, due to every single one of them being a different colored fighter.
  • During the montage between Stick Luke and Steric's scenes, Sthomas and Marcstick were the only fighters who didn't hit a Blue. (Sthomas because he was dancing with the Blue, and Marcstick because the Blue hit him)
  • Gildedguy was never seen during the movie but appears before the game starts and also very, very late in the game as Stick Michael's ultra.
  • The Slush Fighters' names are the only names that contain some part of the word "stick".
  • Stick Matt, Stick Waqas and Stagar are the only defenders without outlines, not counting Stickhanh as he didn't have an outline in the movie until the first game.
  • The list above is the order in which the fighters appeared in the movie.
  • Apparently, during the cutscene the player defeats the Bluish Fighters, the Slush Fighters are susceptible in being "captured" within the Slush Invaders universe's version of the Pokeball.

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