SMGs are weapons that are either used by Westick or Drabs. They have appeared in all Slush Invaders media. They are the signature weapons of Drabs (even if they can use shotguns sometimes) and Westick at the same time.

Slush Invaders (movie)

SMGs are first seen when Drabs make their first appearance, just after the invasion of Slusher. When Stick James punches the emergency button, a bunch of drabs attempt to fire on him. Stick James slickly evades all of the attacks from the SMGs before knocking one SMG out of a drab's hand and utilising it himself.

Their next appearance is when Ben Stickobi and Sticorey are spying on a group of drabs guarding Stucker, Stedro and Stickyle, who all got captured. When their covers are blown, they instantly begin their assault on the drabs. No matter how hard the drabs fire their SMGs on Sticorey's hide, they were proved to be useless and eventually the drabs were defeated.

SMG attacks were seen in Stick Luke's scene when he was throwing tomahawks at the invaders.

Nearing the end of the animation, Westick, Stick JK and Joshtick raid a room with a captive Standrew, BigBoi and dozens of Limes. Westick opens fire on the Limes with his SMG.

Slush Invaders: Game

As Westick is unlocked in this game, so his his SMG. Westick usually uses his SMG to dive in and make medium range bursts. His Improved Shelling upgrade empowers his SMG by 50% and speeds the bullets faster, his Spray upgrade allows his SMG to spray bullets everywhere and his last upgrade, Phase Ammo can allow the bullets to phase through the opponent.

When Drabs appear in Mornin', they are revealed to be flying enemies who travel in jet packs and wield SMGs, which they use to fire Slush Fighters out of the sky. They can be defeated through use of Auto Fighters such as Stucker or Stick JK.

Slush Invaders: Duel

When Sthomas and Stucker are brought into the arena to battle themselves for the sake of the invader's entertainment, the drabs fire on the duo in order to force them into combat, even going as far as launching mini-grenades at them.

Slush Tile Rush

As Westick is neutral in this game, SMGs are only seen with Drabs. Ground Drabs are able to create 5-6 or so tiles through their SMG attacks. Jet Drabs are a little bit stronger, however and spray up to about 7-8 tiles. Despite this, all drabs are unarmoured.


  • In the first movie, Westick's SMG was brown or black. The colour altered in the game to blue somehow.

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