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The RHG Fighters are a group of gladiators hailing from a tournament called the "Rock Hard Gladiators" tournament.

Four members of this group (FLLFFL, Yoyo, Nhazul and Chuck) have appeared in Slush Tile Rush as game-determined bosses.


This section is about the list of RHG Fighters who appear in the Slush Invaders series.

  • Nhazul - A dark purple stickman with a black outline who wears a gray scarf. A former/current member of one of the RHG Tournaments top Clans, Nhazul is a vicious adversary who's appearance may make his opponents underestimate him, at the cost of a deadly consequence.
  • Yoyo - A dark blue stickman who wields an explosive yoyo. Yoyo is a rookie RHG fighter, but that status of his doesn't mean he's a tough opponent. Yoyo has surprised every single on of his opponents as he is more than just a rookie RHG fighter.
  • FLLFFL - A yellow-green stickman, wielder of a jet-like sword and is arguably the RHG Tournaments' most unbeatable, most fierce and most unkillable gladiator. His legendary reputation has made his opponents think more than twice when they are paired up against him as his skills in combat are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Chuck - A black stickman who wears a red bandana and wields a set of nunchuks that can emit fire type attacks. A comedic gladiator and pretty much a classic prankster in the Tournaments, though that doesn't mean he's not to be taken lightly.


This section is about the strategy guide for this/these enemy characters in a Slush Invaders game.


Attack as fast as you can. Nhazul can destroy your tiles every few seconds, so speed is important. He also has a damage block of 20, so beating Nhazul is also frustrating as getting chains up and going are harder.


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  • Strangely, Nhazul and Yoyo view the Slush Fighters as villains, as they can be seen saying the word "fiend" (game determined dialogue) when the player encounters them as a boss in their respective levels.
    • This may be due to their seemingly altered mental states during the game's events.
  • The original idea for the gladiators were from the website Fluidanims.
    • Though, unfortunately, the Fluidanims website has been shut down.
  • Excluding Chuck, most of the RHG Fighters' design in-game are updated by Glidedguy.
  • The original creators of each member are as follow:

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