Overly Zealous Blue
Overly Zealous Blue's Boss Encounter Portrait.



Abilities and Powers

Blue Paintbrush, Blue Dagger, Unbreakable Spirit


Mourning the Loss of Big Blue, Painting Unsuspecting Civilians

Affiliated With

Blue Fanatics




Possibly Wicker Blue


Slush Tile Rush

Overly Zealous Blue is one of the bosses that appears in Slush Tile Rush. He is a Fanatic Blue who has become mentally unstable due to his dedication and passionate loyalty to Big Blue. He wields a large paintbrush which is dripping with Blue Paint and a powerful dagger assumed to be infused with Blue Paint too.

Slush Tile Rush

When the Slush Fighters reach the top of the tower in Solarise, they find a new Blue foe outfitted with a cloak, a hat, a large paintbrush and a dagger. This new adversary, titled "Overly Zealous Blue" intends to exact vengeance on the Slush Fighters for curing his brother from the properties of Blue Paint and challenges them to a duel, in which the Slush Fighters emerge victorious.

Battle Strategy

Overly Zealous Blue uses his dagger to slice Slush Fighter tiles out of existence. This can occasionally be frustrating, as he would disrupt super moves and attacks. When he does not do this, he instead paints a streak of Blue Paint across the screen, creating 3-4 tiles. Additionally, he has 10 dodge points.


"LET BLUE BLOOM EVERYWHERE!" - In-game determined dialogue

"LONG LIVE BIG BROTHER BLUE!" - In-game determined dialogue



  • He strikingly looks like Big Blue, except he is a bit taller, his outer eyes are black and he has a darker shade of blue, nearly to the shade of dark violet, as opposed to Big Blue, who was actually a lighter shade of blue than most Blues.
  • The word "zealous" refers to someone who is showing or feeling a strong and energetic sense of support for a person or thing. This can be true to his personality as he shows extreme amount of support for Big Blue, despite the latter being apparently "dead", almost to the point of insanity (blue eyes, shouting instead of normally talking).
  • Unlike most Fanatic Blues, the clothing he wears is NOT worn out. The reasoning behind this is unclear story-wise, for someone like him probably would not be stressing about his clothing. However, it could have been a deliberate choice by Gildedguy to highlight his position as a leader.
  • He shares his boss music with Blue Uno (Angry Blue), Disturbed Star Sign, King Cloud, Armored Lime, and Malware.

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