Welcome to hard mode!

NG+ Mode is a mode in the Slush Invaders Game that acts as a hard difficulty. Every level is affected in a way that makes it more difficult, whether it's extra enemies, new enemies appearing in earlier areas, harder obstacles, or bosses with higher HP. You cannot go back to normal mode, but you do keep all your upgrades, points, and fighters.

Notable Level Changes


  • "Fun" Fact: The game was originally going to be called "Slush Cannon."

Drillfield Day

  • New enemies:
  • "Fun" Fact: The main game code is 14,187 lines long, written in AS2.

Drillfield Night

  • More lamp posts
  • New enemies:
  • "Fun" Fact: Players usually average 850,000 points after beating the game for the first time.


  • Football team will appear more often
  • New enemies:
    • Drabs
    • Azures
    • Cobalts
  • "Fun" Fact: A cheat button was programmed into the CTRL key for testing purposes. The cheat would kill all enemies on screen, grant one Slush Token, and one Ultra Bar.

Robo Hokie

  • Team can be called out immediately
  • New fighter: Stick Dan
  • "Fun" Fact: The cheat button was removed.



NG+ Store

  • 3 Slush Tokens
    • First purchase 100,000pts
    • Second purchase 300,000pts
    • Third purchase 900,000pts
  • 3 Combo Cookbook pages
    • 80,000pts each
  • 7th Fighter Slot
    • 1,200,000pts
  • Level 4 Ultra Bar
    • 500,000pts

Other Additions

  • While Sthomas and Stick James will have no new advice left for you, Stick Michael will give out "Fun" Facts about the game and the Slush Fighters (these are mostly to keep players intrested)
  • After beating NG+ comes NG++, a new game that's exactly like NG+, but also brings note to an award for achieving 100% in unlocks. An infinite loop of playing NG++ will happen after beating NG++.
  • Note that all of the fighters unlocked in NG+ mode do not have Ultra Attacks
  • It is theorized that NG+ means 'New Game+' and NG++ means 'New Game++'.

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