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My new combo ideas.

With both Slush Invaders and Slush Tile Rush

Slush Invaders

Slush Cannon

Sthang+Stickhanh+Stick James+Stick Jorge

This Combo is The idea i had i got this idea from the fact of slush cannon.This combo can be used everywhere and can be mixed by other combos.





Fast Pheonnix +

JoshStick + Sthang + SticKhanh + Stick Joerge

this is just the extension of the combo Fast Pheonix Khanh and Jorge will boost Hang's damage.

Slush Tile Rush

Skill Spamming

Slush tile rush 5

Stick James + Stick Sean + Any Character

This Combo will spam any special of each characters except for James special despite both of them helps the character match low frequent 

spawning tiles.

Slush tile rush 7

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