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The Moon-Bleached Blunatic is a boss in Slush Tile Rush in the level Twilight Tundra.

Slush Tile Rush

When the Slush Fighters get to the top of the huge monument in Twilight Tundra, they encounter what seems to be a glowing, patterned Blue which may have been overdosed with Blue Paint. Claiming it is seeking the whereabouts of Luna, the location of the original Blue Base from the Slush Fighters' last adventure through glitched and distorted speech, it immediately attacks the Slushers, with the aid of 2 other individuals, who are also gladiators from the RHG tournaments, whom he brainwashed. The Slush Fighters battle the creepy, corrupted Blue monster and manage to defeat it, snap Nhazul and Yoyo out of their delusions and continue their quest home.

Battle Strategy

Moon-Bleached Blunatic doesn't take that much damage, but he possesses 4 dodge points as well as locking Slush Fighter tiles whenever he attacks.


"<%((@## " "mooon" " " #))*>>"



  • The reason for his name may come from the fact that he shines like the moon and he is entirely doused in Blue Paint, which apparently has corrupted him too much to the point of total insanity.
  • Through this, Moon-Bleached Blunatic confirms that if an individual is poured with the blue paint too much, it will corrupt them critically.

In game determined text, he will say that he "Must return to Luna", possibly hinting at the Blue Factory on Luna from the previous game.

  • People who have seizures or sensitivity to vibrating pictures are highly advised against fighting this boss, as he flashes and vibrates constantly almost during the whole fight.
  • The Moon-Bleached Blunatic has many unusual features that a normal Blue doesn't have, including:
    • Many vine-like patterns around his body.
    • A hunched back.
    • Big, white, glowing eyes.
    • Absolutely no mouth or eyebrows.
    • Crossed legs.
    • Extremely corrupted speech.
    • A 'tail'.
  • When he is hurt, his eyes seem to literally pop out of his head.
  • It shares its boss music with Wicker Blue, Moochin' Snowball, and Blue Fairy.

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