Moochin' Snowball
Moochin' Snowball's Boss Portrait


Ice Frosted Forest

Abilities and Powers

The Ability to morph snow and ice, possession, pickpocketing


Taking Slush Tokens, controlling a Giant Snowman.

Affiliated With



Sentient Snowball


Disturbed Star Sign


Slush Tile Rush

Moochin' Snowball is the Game Determined Boss in Slush Tile Rush. He is a Slush Token addicted, living clump of snow from the mystical part of Slushy Ice Frosting's Woods.

Slush Tile Rush

The Tower of Snow:

After a long trek in the snowy land of Slushy Ice Frosting, the Slush Fighters reach the top of a giant snowman and are confronted by a deranged, living snowman and ice crystal hybrid, who calls itself "Moochin' Snowball". After asking the fighters if they have any tokens, he is angered to find out that they don't and attack them on sight.

He is eventually defeated, thus allowing the group to continue on their long way back home.


  • "Hey Slush dudes, want to spot me some tokens?"



  • He is very addicted to Slush Tokens shown by how he asks to "borrow" some from the fighters.
    • This is further proven by his name, Moochin' Snowball. A mooch is a person who begs and asks for things (mostly money) constantly, but never gives back.
  • Moochin' Snowball's tile is the only enemy tile in the entire game to not be fashioned in the enemy's likeness. Instead, it is shaped like a spiked ball of ice.
  • He shares his boss music with Wicker Blue, Moon-Bleached Blunatic, and Blue Fairy.

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