Missiles are weapons of Stick Waqas. They have appeared in the movie and the game, but disappeared in Slush Tile Rush due to Waqas switching to turrets. In his Ultra Attack, StAddison can summon a missile that is guided by the mouse.

Slush Invaders (movie)

When Stick Waqas receives the signal from StAddison to launch the missiles, he activates them on the signal of 3 other Slush Fighters, Stickwart, Stick Dan and BriStick, who are flying the missiles. The missiles fly through the sky with the trio on each one and crash into Slusher.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stick Waqas has the ability to create high powered missiles. When he is activated, he creates a semi-missile. He could also launch stored rockets through double clicking. His Homing x2 upgrade allows him to create 2 homing missiles at a time which travel twice as fast, his Rocket Boy upgrade makes him produce 3 normal sized rockets at once and let's him recharge 50% faster and his Ultra Attack, Launch Day, makes him bomb the enemies with several missiles identical to the movie.

When StAddison's upgrade, Missile Killstreak, is unlocked, he forms a missile that can be guided through the mouse toward a particular enemy.

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