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Missile Killstreak

Missile Killstreak's picture.

Missile Killstreak is Staddison's Ultra Attack. It allows Staddison to call in a missile that stuns enemies that are with in the range of inpact. You can guide the missile with either your mouse or your arrow keys.

It costs one Slush Token to unlock and one Ultra bar to activate.


  • This Ultra Attack is a clear reference toward the Predator Missile killstreak from the Call of Duty series.
    • In the aforementioned series, the Predator Missile can also be controlled manually until it reaches its designated target. However, the differences are the fact that Predator Missile can only be be used after the player has acquired a five killstreak and can either instantly kill the target, and those nearby, or damage them depending on where the missile lands on impact.

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