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Mass Alert is Stick James's Ultra Attack. He summons all of the Slush Fighters, both those which you have in your team and those which you don't and has them attack the opponents as if they were summoned regularly.

Mass Alert cannot be used until all fighters that appear have finished using their attack/skill. It takes one Slush Token to unlock and two Ultra bars to use.


  • This is the only Ultra Attack thus far in the series that allows every single Slush Fighter to appear all at once.
  • If the player has unlocked every single known Slush Fighter in the first game and activatas this Ultra Attack, the player will receive the "Mass Alert" bonus points.
  • There is a glitch that happens when activating this Ultra Attack at the end of or when failing a level where some of the summoned Slush Fighters end up appearing stuck in the screen until the player either Retries the level or switches to a different menu.
    • Additionally any Slush Fighter with an indefinite attack animation will keep on attacking endlessly. Of particular note of this is Westick.


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