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Malware is one of the bosses of Slush Tile Rush in the level Hazy Home Screen.

Slush Tile Rush

During the events of Slush Tile Rush, when the fighters are traversing through Hazy Home Screen, they meet a deadly virus named Malware right before they upload themselves back into reality! Malware is one of the two bosses that can be fought in Hazy Home Screen, with the other being Digital BigBlue. Despite his menacing appearance, Malware appears to be a coward and even tries to hide his identity from the player (claiming to be "bookReport.doc"). Malware himself doesn't appear to actually be that big, as most of him is solely composed of binary code.

Battle Strategy

[To be Added...]


"imNoVirus...imUh...bookReport.doc!" - Optional Game-Determined Dialogue.

"newHostDetected...beginningUpload..." - Optional Game-Determined Dialogue.



  • His full body design is that his body is mostly formed by binary codings and his head appears to show a "skull virus" symbol.
  • Malware flashes just like Digital BigBlue, but the latter is more noticeable.

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