is the 20th and last standard level of the Slush Invaders Game.

Taking place on the surface of the moon, this level features a huge variety of enemies, and has shockwaves as a hazard that affects everything on screen.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Blue Base

In this level, the Slush Fighters chase Big Blue on the moon, while being attacked by more of Big Blue's minions. Azures will come to support enemies, Mobiles will arrive to rescue Big Blue and so on. However, there is this new level hazard; shockwaves which will damage everything on the screen or in range. When this level is beaten, Stick Michael will be unlocked.

Next Level: BigBoi Prime

Space Jam!

Getting blasted out of the extraterrestrial base of the Blues, Big Blue is still in the pursuit of the Slush Fighters, who are still focused on chasing him. Nevertheless, more of Big Blue's henchmen and bodyguards arrive to fend off and destroy the Slush Fighters once and for all. Suddenly, all of the characters are affected by the next obstacle in their paths, appearing to be a shockwave which affects all of the characters, good or bad. They survive this nonetheless, and the Slush Fighters manage to find Stick Michael, apparantly crossed out in his own paint (possibly by the Slush Invaders), rescue him and continue with their hunt for Big Blue.




Bonus Objective

  • Use 4 Ultra Attacks.
  • A strategy to this is by using characters like Stucker, Steric, Stomar, and Staddison who all have Level 1 Ultra Attacks. If you have the enough points to buy the extra bar or already have the Level 4 Ultra Bar, you can use their ultra attacks and continue with the level.

Other Obstacles

  • A shockwave from the Blue Base will occasionally appear to damage everything on the screen/in range.


Run! by Waterflame.



  • This is the last standard and second to last level in the game.
  • This level features every enemy from the game with the exception of bosses, Zomblues, Pumpkins, and the Blue Bits.
  • The level completion text is "aeiou John Madden John Madden." (attempting to translate the message with Google Translate only results a reiteration for the text in the original format). This text is a reference to this video.
  • All of the characters (with the possible exception of Azures) shouldn't have been able to survive for more than a few minutes, due to the moon's lack of oxygen and the various pieces of skin-piercing debris floating around.
  • Luna means "moon" in Latin.
  • Luna produces a wave that could hurt anyone but the enemies.
  • Luna is the only stage with a shockwave.
  • Luna's shockwave, along with the pumpkins, are the only hazards that can go in different directions.
    • They are also the only hazards to ever be able to damage and potentially takedown any Slush Fighters.
  • It is unknown why there are so many asteroids orbiting Luna since the moon has little gravity.
  • The asteroids could've been blown out into orbit from another explosion which happened long ago.

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