Stick ahely

Stick Ashley

There are some unknown and unnamed characters in the Slush Invaders series.

Pink Sticks

There were three unnamed pink stickmen that appeared in Slush Invaders (movie).

The first stickman was not shown as a stickman, but only it's face. The stickman appeared on the card where Big Blue wanted to open the door to the Slush Tower and Wing.

The second pink stickman was the first to be attacked by the Slush Invaders.

The third pink stickman was the one that dodged one of the Blue's punch that destroyed Stedro's game console.

Stick Pritchard

Nothing is known about this place and its residents, other than the fact that it was already invaded.

West AJ

Nothing is known about this place and its residents, other than the fact that it hasn't been touched by the Slush Invaders yet, though it was planned to be.

Crazy Jay

Crazy Jay is both the founder of Stickpage, the website hosting the game, and the mascot of the site. He only appears during the Stickpage intro, where he uses an Ultra Attack with similar appearence to Stick James's normal punch to break down the wall to reveal the Stickpage logo.
Crazy Jay

Brown, White, and Orange Sticks

Brown, white, and orange stickmen act as the bystanders of the game, as some are Virginia Tech students, and others are merely innocent stickmen.

Lane Guard

The Lane Guard is an orange stickman with a hat who guards the entrance to Lane Stadium. He denies entry to the Slush Fighters, despite them being Virginia Tech students. They try to identify themselves as the Slush Fighters, only for the guard to say that he didn't watch the video, or even the one minute summary. After a brief moment of shock, the Slush Fighters push him down and proceed to continue their assault on Big Blue.

Football Team

The Football Team, or the Virginia Tech Hokies, are the football team of Lane, who act as hazards that hurt everyone who touch them. As such, players must avoid sending in ground fighters whenever the helmet warning sign appears to keep from wasting their attacks. All Football players have one of their two arms bright orange.
Football stick

Ginger Stickmen

Ginger Stick

Sad Ginger Bread Stick?

The Ginger Stickmen are the hazards of the second half of Slushy Ice Frosting. They are gingerbread cookies shaped like stickmen who hurt any Slush Fighter they touch from the ground.

They made their debut as an official enemy in Slush Tile Rush appearing as Angry Gingerbread Stickman.

Stick Ashley

Stick Ashley is a mysterious character who is seen during the secret ending of the game. It is possible that she will be a major player in a possible sequel, though the possiblility of the sequel itself is still unknown, as the series could have simply ended with Slush Tile Rush.

Game (Secret Ending)

Stick Ashley is the one of the new students of Virginia Tech who got the Slush Fighters kicked out. She is also the one who had (most likely) moved into Sthomas' room, as she was seen inside it. It is later revealed that she has a baseball bat, which she uses as a weapon. If you click on her name in the secret ending, you get RickRolled.

New Slush Fighters

The New Slush Fighters are the new students of Virginia Tech who moved into Slusher. They are assumed to all be girls, as they pummel Joshtick with purses as soon as he realizes that the Slush Fighters have been kicked out during the secret ending. The only ones with known names are Stick Ashley, Stammy, Stacey, and Stachel.


Stallan is an unknown stick man or an unknown Slush Fighter that only appeared in the intro of the first game. During the bit of the Slush Fighters getting captured and trap, right between Stedro, Stucker and Steric you can see him, but to ease this up he looks to be transparent unlike the other fighters. As of this moment many have been wondering whether he was accidental, an alternate (of either BriStick or Steric) or just miscolored Steric. If he is an actual Slush Fighter his powers and abilities are unknown, besides being transparent like a ghost.

Intro Appearance:

As Big Blue signals his Back-up Blues, all the fighters (except Standrew, Stedro, Marcstick, Stickhanh, Westick, Stick Matt and Stickyle) are captured. You can see him right between Stedro, Stucker and Steric during the scene if their capture, you can manage to view him by repeatedly pausing the intro in YouTube or using a Slow Motion setting in a Video Player.

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