The Lightsaber is Ben Stickobi's main weapon of choice in the series. It is taken directly from the Star Wars series. It is colored blue, like any other Jedi's lightsaber. It has appeared in all media regarding the Slush Invaders, only if Ben Stickobi has appeared in it.

Slush Invaders (movie)

When Ben Stickobi, along with Sticorey ambushed a group of Drabs guarding captive Stedro, Stickyle and Stucker, Ben used his lightsaber to hack and slash through any Drab in his way. He also freed Stedro, Stickyle and Stucker with it, and also rescued Sticorey with the trio before he could be finished off with a shotgun by stabbing him in the back with the lightsaber. The five Slush Fighters are then seen running, with Ben Stickobi spinning his lightsaber around like a propeller.

Slush Invaders: Game

Ben Stickobi is unlocked after beating the 3rd level in the game, Drillfield Night. When that happens, Ben Stickobi's abilities and skills are unlocked, too. When Ben is activated, he would run up from the ground and slash Big Blue or any other enemy surrounding him, from the ground with his lightsaber, which as a matter of fact, deals huge damage. His Saber Toss upgrade allows him to throw his lightsaber at Big Blue instead of running from the ground to attack him. The lightsaber also returns to Ben's hand so that he can use melee attacks. Ben Stickobi's Ultra Attack, Sticksaber, transforms Ben into a humanoid, living lightsaber, making him attack Big Blue with his arms and legs rather than his regular, old lightsaber.

Slush Tile Rush

As Ben Stickobi makes his return in this game, so does his lightsaber. Every single attack made by Ben involves swinging his lightsaber at the enemy. The lightsaber deals more damage the more tiles are absorbed and transferred into damage. When Ben uses his Ultimate move, he attacks the enemy with Sticksaber, like the first game.

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