The Land Of The Rising Lime is the 5th level in Slush Tile Rush. It is infested with Limes and Adobes, strange creatures who seem to make those strange noises. The tower at the very end of the level is a red mountain, where the Slush Fighters encounter Chuck and the Armoured Lime.

Slush Tile Rush

When the Slush Fighters surpass FLLFFL, Blue Fairy and King Cloud, they find themselves in a bright environment inhabited by hostile creatures known as Adobes. All of the Slush Fighters (all with the exception of Stick Luke, who simply puts on a pair of sunglasses to shade his eyes) are blinded by the sunlight. Sticorey even gets his eyes burnt, to which Stick Waqas hands him some eye drops.

The Slush Fighters head for a red mountain in the distance of the valley. Soon, they are ambushed by Limes and Adobes, which they manage to defeat. By the time they are on the mountain, they are assaulted by an Armoured Lime, a lime who happened to be physically enhanced through armour, and Chuck, yet another gladiator of the long shut down RHG Tournaments. The Slush Fighters beat both of them, but not long before they are transported into their smartphones.

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