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Katanas are Stomar's main weapons throughout the series. They are based off of Lloyd Irving's katanas from Tales Of Symphonia. They have appeared with Stomar in the movie, the game and Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Invaders (movie)

When Stomar and Marcstick appear on the scene when Stick James punches the emergency button behind a notice, Stomar is seen slicing up a blue with his katanas.

Slush Invaders Game

When Stomar, along with Steric and Sthomas get captured and converted into Bluish Fighters, Stomar uses his katanas against the Slush Fighters although he is not so strong as a member. By the time the Bluish Fighters are rescued and cured from their state of chaos and insanity, Stomar is unlocked. His upgrades focused more on his swords. His ultra, Falcon's Crest, has the ability to make Stomar rise into the air and strike the enemy with a load of damage.

Slush Tile Rush

In Slush Tile Rush, all of Stomar's attacks rely on his swords. When Stomar's ultra move is used by swiping rows of 3 or 4 Stomar tiles, Stomar deals 15 damage while at the same time annihilating 4 enemy tiles.

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