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Kamikaze's picture.

Kamikaze lets Joshtick boost his ally >right> of Joshtick's icon to explode upon contact with enemy.

While this upgrade can damage any enemy upon contact, it can also damage the fighter who has this upgrade on them as well, thus preventing the fighter to perform their combo. 


  • This upgrade works best with Sthang as he deals more damage whenever he "dies" and so on.
  • This upgrade can also work best with Sthomas if the player aims on getting a lot of combos as his Run Away! upgrade and quick recharge can allow the player to spam him almost instantaneously.
  • This upgrade can stay throughout an entire level even if Joshtick is taken down. This is similar with StiCorey's Invincibility upgrade.
  • It is best that this upgrade not be used on any fighters with Limited Health. With the exception being Sthang.

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