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Me:Glidedguy, how did you meet the the people who are now the characters of the game?
Glidedguy:Well, they are just people who live close at slusher hall.
Me:So slusher is a real place?
Glidedguy:Yup, It's in Virginia tech, a dorm. You can google it.
Me:Great, so how did you come up with the game.
Glidedguy:It was just a fun animation project at the time.
Me:and it was so good you made it into a game?
Glidedguy:It was matching a game I was making at the time, a game with stick  figures with powers.
Me:great, well that's it for today. I'll interview you again some other time. I need to write this.
Glidedguy: all right. It was my pleasure.
                                  End Interview

P.S. This is not the exact wording. I accidentally closed the chat, so I had to improvise and deliver the main point. Sorry.

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