FLLFFL (or most commonly known as simply FL or Alfa in RHG) is one of the bosses appeared in Slush Tile Rush.

FLLFFL is (or was) the reigning champion of the RHG Tournaments and acts as the optional in-game boss that appears in the Rose-Tinted Woods.

Slush Tile Rush

When faced as the Boss of the Rose-Tinted Woods, he can dodge after 10 turns and can create 2 rows of his tiles which take about 3-5 seconds to disappear. This can get very frustrating if the player accidentally stalls, takes too long in attacking or, this is rare to happen, misuse Stedro's special attack and accidentally spawns more Stedro tiles which can easily end in a Game Over.

Attack Strategy

FL's main attack method is using his legendary Jet Sword against the player. FL is technically considered as an average boss in the game if he is to be encountered as the boss of Rose-Tinted Woods, though that does not mean the player has to underestimate him. FL attacks quickly, meaning that the player has to be quick as well when confronting him, more so as his attacks is a "two hit" attack. FL is also immune to damage below 10, meaning that the player has to constantly stack up the same tiles to damage him. He also dodges every 10th attack so the player must be careful on attacks.

Jet Sword:

FL's main weapon that he uses to attack the Slush Figthers.


"I've retired from killing, you know?" - Optional, Game-Determined Dialogue.

"Alright, let's get this done." - Optional, Game-Determined Dialogue.


  • FL is the oldest known character in Slush Tile Rush, being at the age of 41.
  • His dialogue "I've retired from killing, you know?" is a nod to his creator, Philips "Terkoiz" Lacanlale quitting the RHG Tournament back in 2012 and his character, FL's inactivity throughout the remainder of the on-going tournaments.
    • With this, FL's title as the RHG Tournament's titular "Undefeated Reigning Champion" status is still unknown, whether or not this title was passed on to another RHG Fighter of Terkoiz/FL still holds it.
  • He doesn't fully use the Jet feature of his Jet Sword in the game, but merely uses it as a 'power-up' charge for his usual attack.
  • He is one of the RHG Characters in the game, the others being YoyoNhazul and Chuck.
  • His reason for battling the fighters may be in the form of a challenge, since in Terkoiz's original description of his character, FL's sword has an undeniable thirst for destruction, meaning that it needs its user to battle constantly to hold its inner power from bursting out.
  • Originally in his fight with Pulse, he lost his right arm after having to sacrifice it from being killed along Pulse after the latter used his self destruct ability. FL managed to fly away using his Jet Sword to safety, winning him the 12th Round but losing his good right arm in the process. This was not shown in Slush Tile Rush;FLLFFL had both arms. It's possible that the events of this game were before those of his fight with Pulse, or that Gildedguy was unaware of FL's lost limb.


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