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The Ether Lord is a giant hostile pumpkin with ghostly claws and blue fire surrounding him. He appears on the 10th level and ends up eating Big Blue in the game, leaving the Slush Fighters to destroy it to continue their assault on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders

Ether Lord does not appear in the movie since he resides at Haunted Turf.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Haunted Turf

Ether Lord is a boss encountered after beating Haunted Turf. After Big Blue manages to slow himself down and the slushers catch up with him, a ghostly blue claw protudes from the ground, revealing the ghostly Ether Lord. Undaunted, Big Blue tries to punch him, only to get swallowed. The Slush Defenders then have to beat the living jiggles out of the floating pumpkin in order to continue kicking Big Blue around.

Ether Lord acts as both the last level and boss of Stage 2 in the game.

Next Level/: Tundra

Here Comes the Ether Lord!

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Big Pumpkin Down

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  • Has shield health represented in a yellow bar. (you can only damage him when his shield goes down from taking enough damage) You can quickly drain Ether Lord's Shield health with a FULLY UPGRADED Stick JK.
  • Cannot do anything once shield is down.
  • Ascends each time he recovers from his shield went down.
  • Spews blue fire that prevents most Slush Fighters from getting near him. this causes flying slush fighters to get to him. the best way is to use GROUND WALKING slush fighters (such as Sthang and Marcstick) to get to Ether Lord. Another way is to use a FLYING slush fighter who is SHIELDED by Sticorey. Another way is to use Marcstick's evade.
  • Slashes nearby fighters with claws
  • Green pumpkins will start appearing once Ether Lord begins to fly offscreen.
  • Uses Ultra once health is halved: Performs single slash and spews a considerable amount of blue fire.

Bonus Objective

  • Beat the Ether Lord in 120 seconds.



We Run and Fight (The Whole Song)
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  • The Ether Lord resides in Haunted Turf.
  • The Ether Lord is the first boss to have shielded health.
  • Big Blue tries punching the Ether Lord in the beginning but ends up eaten.
  • This stage is the only one where green pumpkins appear.
  • Most of the real-life Slush Fighters can't beat the Ether Lord.
  • This is also the only stage, aside with Haunted Turf, where Zomblues and Pumpkins appear.
  • The Slush Fighters gain their ability to use Ultras from this boss.
  • Along with Haunted Turf, this level was drawn during Christmas.
  • The level completion text is "Undead Refund".
  • After the shield is down he only starts blubbering AFTER you hit him once.
  • After he keeps dieing and regenerates, he keeps getting higher and higher.
  • The Ether Lord has no body, instead, he has a large stream of Haunted Blue flame that allows him to hover and fly and it substitutes as his main body part.
  • It's a good idea to use Westick for this level and any soldier-like character. Another recommendation is Stickwart, since his Chain Shot ability allows him to get many shots on this boss.
  • Depending on Ether Lord being a pumpkin with claws and a bunch of gas and fire, ether is actually an oxygen atom connected to 2 alkyl or aryl groups-of general formula R-O-R.
  • The Ether Lord is the first boss in the game that uses an Ultra Attack, the other being the Bluish Fighters.
  • During his Ultra Attack picture, you can see Big Blue stuck inside.
  • It's unknown if there is some kind of bubble force field inside of the Ether Lord. Since he did eat Big Blue, it is kind of confusing if it does or not.
  • While he is flying above, if you pass him, then you start to take damage even though you are not making contact with him.
  • Some times when you are past him, and he flies up, he is nearest to the left side of the screen, so try to have distance with him, and make sure he doesn't go over there, or else you will take random damage if you get past him.
  • Ether Lord is the only boss who is not a part of the Invaders or Baddies.
  • The Slush Defenders defeated Ether Lord to get Big Blue again, so it's safe to say that they saved him.
    • Although, Big Blue doesn't show any gratitude towards the fighters for saving him.
    • This can be shown as he tries to make a peace offering with Standrew, only to attack him and retreat.
  • In the map, you can see Big Blue stuck with a floating "!" in his head.
  • As Ether Lord's health bar goes down he gets higher in the air and harder to take down due to the Haunted Pumpkins.
  • Despite being the second boss, he is much easier then Robo Hokie. Since you can dodge Zomblue and Pumpkins by using Sticorey.
  • This stage has the biggest number of Unlocks in the whole game, having a total of 5 Unlocks, which are:
    • Stick JK
    • SticKirby (NG+ Mode)
    • The Ultra Attacks
    • 2 Slush Tokens
    • Extra Slush Token (for beating the Ether Lord in 120 seconds and Taking no Hits; Bonus Objective)